"The Yogins and Samyâsins are like snakes. The snake never digs a hole for itself, but it lives in the hole made by the mouse. When one hole becomes uninhabitable, it enters into another hole. So the Yogins and the Samyâsins make no houses for themselves; they pass their days in other men's houses--to-day in one house, to-morrow in another." - Sri Ramakrishna

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Aanjaneya Puujaa

Sri Karuppasamy Temple Pooja - Aanjaneya swamy dancing - II
Duration: 9.78 min
Views: 3080
Category: Travel

Sri Karuppasamy Temple Pooja - Aanjaneya swamy dancing
Duration: 10.05 min
Views: 2366
Category: Travel

Mauritus Anjaneya Pooja
Duration: 2.57 min
Views: 11
Category: News

Anjaneya Swami Pooja
Duration: 3.42 min
Views: 4
Category: People

22-2-13 anjaneya swami pooja
Duration: 8.60 min
Views: 3
Category: People

anjaneya swani puja Special 21-2-2013
Duration: 9.75 min
Views: 3
Category: People

Hanuman Ashtottara Shatanamavali - 108 Names of Lord Anjaneya
Duration: 5.88 min
Views: 1216
Category: Nonprofit

Shree Aanjaneya Publications - Website User Guide (Marathi)
Duration: 7.37 min
Views: 109
Category: Education

Videos : Devotional : Pujas

Videos : Devotional

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