"It is good and very grand to conquer external nature, but grander still to conquer the internal nature of man. It is grand and good to know the laws that govern the stars and planets; it is infinitely grander and better to know the laws that govern the passions, the feelings, the will, of mankind. This conquering of the inner man, understanding the secrets of the subtle workings that are within the human mind, and knowing its wonderful secrets, belong entirely to religion." - Swami Vivekananda

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Aarati - Om Jai Laxmi Mata.
Duration: 4.48 min
Views: 10731
Category: Music

pashupati nath aarati
Duration: 7.47 min
Views: 19464
Category: Travel

Aarti of Radha Krishna
Duration: 4.97 min
Views: 150138
Category: People

Pashupatinath Nitya Sandhya Aarati (Pashupatinath Bhajan)
Duration: 60.92 min
Views: 13911
Category: Howto

bhairab debaki Aarati
Duration: 4.98 min
Views: 3962
Category: Music

Aarati Sai Baba - Shirdi Sai Baba Aarati
Duration: 3.65 min
Views: 446841
Category: Music

Gujarati aarti Song - Mahakali Maa Ni Aarati - Aarti ma jagat janni jagdamba
Duration: 5.62 min
Views: 11183
Category: Entertainment

Sukhakarta Dukhakarta Ganesh (Aarati in Marathi)
Duration: 1.55 min
Views: 77346
Category: Entertainment

Videos : Devotional : Pujas

Videos : Devotional

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