"How entirely does the Upanishad breathe throughout the holy spirit of the Vedas! How is every one who by a diligent study of its Persian Latin has become familiar with that incomparable book stirred by that spirit to the very depth of his Soul !" - Arthur Schopenhauer

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Amrita Gita

Bhakti Talk with Amrita Keli—What is the Bhagavad Gita?
Duration: 1.80 min
Views: 560
Category: People

amrita y gita -la superalma-.wmv
Duration: 3.83 min
Views: 128
Category: Education

DID Little Masters July 10 10 - Amrita Dharmesh & Geeta Kapoor
Duration: 7.52 min
Views: 31832
Category: Entertainment

Amrita news -- Siberian court to ban Bhagavad Gita !!!!!
Duration: 1.45 min
Views: 742
Category: Entertainment

DID Doubles March 19 11 - Geeta Ki Gang Performance
Duration: 11.05 min
Views: 13430
Category: Entertainment

Myanmar 2013 - Powering Growth through Strategic Infrastructure
Duration: 63.55 min
Views: 351
Category: News

Rumal Dhoko cha by Amrita & Geeta
Duration: 6.93 min
Views: 900
Category: Entertainment

Lalu Patey by Amrita & Geeta
Duration: 5.65 min
Views: 737
Category: Music

Documents : Scriptures : Yoga

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