"The naked Sage, Totâpuri, used to say, 'If a brass pot be not rubbed daily, it will get rusty. So if a man does not contemplate the Deity daily, his heart will grow impure.' To him Srî Râmakrishna replied, 'Yes, but if the vessel be of gold, it does not require daily cleaning. The man who has reached God requires prayers or penances no more.'" - Sri Ramakrishna

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Amrita Gita

Bhakti Talk with Amrita Keli—What is the Bhagavad Gita?
Duration: 1.80 min
Views: 560
Category: People

amrita y gita -la superalma-.wmv
Duration: 3.83 min
Views: 128
Category: Education

DID Little Masters July 10 10 - Amrita Dharmesh & Geeta Kapoor
Duration: 7.52 min
Views: 31832
Category: Entertainment

Amrita news -- Siberian court to ban Bhagavad Gita !!!!!
Duration: 1.45 min
Views: 742
Category: Entertainment

DID Doubles March 19 11 - Geeta Ki Gang Performance
Duration: 11.05 min
Views: 13430
Category: Entertainment

Myanmar 2013 - Powering Growth through Strategic Infrastructure
Duration: 63.55 min
Views: 351
Category: News

Rumal Dhoko cha by Amrita & Geeta
Duration: 6.93 min
Views: 900
Category: Entertainment

Lalu Patey by Amrita & Geeta
Duration: 5.65 min
Views: 737
Category: Music

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