गंगा स्नान सहस्रेशु पुश्कर स्नान कोटिशु । नयत्पापम् लयम् यति स्मृते नश्यति तद् हरौ ।। Those deadly sins that are not washed away even after thousand baths in sacred Ganga and one lakh of baths during pushkaras are washed away merely by chanting the name of Hari. - Brihannaradiya Purana

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Aurobindo - 25answers : Arun And Pavitra Amin : English

Aurobindo - 25answers

Sri Aurobindo and His Dreams - Part 1 of 3
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Introduction of Integral Yoga Sri Aurobindo s & The Mother s Life by Kaivalya Smart
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Session I- Sri Aurobindo s Philosophy Revisited
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Sri Aurobindo And the Descent of Supermind upon Earth
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Sri Aurobindo ** A Homage
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Documents : Essence : Gurus - Saints - Sages

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