"Everyone says, "Woe unto you people! !" Who says, "Woe unto me that I cannot help you?" The people are doing all right to the best of their ability and means and knowledge. Woe unto me that I cannot lift them to where I am!" - Swami Vivekananda

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Aurobindo - Biography : Srinivasa Iyengar : English

Aurobindo - Biography

Sri Aurobindo was a spiritual leader not an avatar- Peter Heehs
Duration: 6.42 min
Views: 2009
Category: News

Sri Aurobindo - Wiki Article
Duration: 26.38 min
Views: 34
Category: Education

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother - Integral Yoga Part 1 of 2
Duration: 15.13 min
Views: 6706
Category: People

OHM- Auroville Part 1
Duration: 28.72 min
Views: 17862
Category: People

Sri Aurobindo and His Dreams - Part 1 of 3
Duration: 13.90 min
Views: 19540
Category: Education

Historian faces expulsion- Are we an intolerant democracy?
Duration: 6.23 min
Views: 415
Category: News

Sri Aurobindo and His Dreams - Part 2 of 3
Duration: 14.13 min
Views: 3969
Category: Education

Homage to The Mother the spiritual partner of Sri Aurobindo
Duration: 4.00 min
Views: 106
Category: Education

Documents : Essence : Gurus - Saints - Sages

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