"The Yogins and Samyâsins are like snakes. The snake never digs a hole for itself, but it lives in the hole made by the mouse. When one hole becomes uninhabitable, it enters into another hole. So the Yogins and the Samyâsins make no houses for themselves; they pass their days in other men's houses--to-day in one house, to-morrow in another." - Sri Ramakrishna

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Bhartiya History

Duration: 3.40 min
Views: 291
Category: Nonprofit

Rajiv Dixit Conspiracy Theory full
Duration: 143.57 min
Views: 12723
Category: News

India lost 1962 War with China because of Nehru & VK Krishna Exposed by Sri Rajiv Dixit
Duration: 17.47 min
Views: 47492
Category: News

जय भारती ... जय भारती
Duration: 4.72 min
Views: 34
Category: Nonprofit

Swami Ramdev latest Video
Duration: 1.95 min
Views: 489
Category: Nonprofit

Bhai Rakesh Ji On Bhagat Singh
Duration: 4.42 min
Views: 486
Category: Nonprofit

2 Oct se Honewale Rashtravyapi Swadesi Andolan Ki Yojna
Duration: 41.22 min
Views: 902
Category: Nonprofit

Chikitsa Yog Shivir 15 Sep
Duration: 9.37 min
Views: 156
Category: Nonprofit

Videos : Miscellaneous : Ancient India

Videos : Miscellaneous

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