"It is India that gave us the ingenious method of expressing all numbers by ten symbols each receiving a value of position as well as an absolute value a profound and important idea which appears so simple to us now that we ignore its true merit. But its very simplicity the great ease which it has lent to all computations puts our arithmetic in the first rank of useful inventions and we shall appreciate the grandeur of this achievement the more when we remember that it escaped the genius of Archimedes and Appollnius two of the greatest men produced by antiquity." - Pierre Simon de Laplace

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Cultural Exchange In Western Asia

2011 Middle East Institute - The Cultural Exchange between East and West through Andalusia ...
Duration: 118.73 min
Views: 98
Category: Education

Duration: 2.82 min
Views: 3231
Category: Travel

Vedic Origins Of Civilization & The Fallacy Of The "Aryan Invasion" Myth
Duration: 27.77 min
Views: 72082
Category: Education

AfroPoP- The Ultimate Cultural Exchange (Seeking Asylum- Uche)
Duration: 7.43 min
Views: 503
Category: Film

Remembering Ricci- Opening of the Asia Pacific Research Centre at the National Library
Duration: 10.00 min
Views: 309
Category: Education

ASIA FOR THE WORLD- The Asian Festival of Children s Content 2013 and the Little Litfest in Manila
Duration: 3.48 min
Views: 149
Category: People

Indian Cultural Exchange at the University of Georgia Meet the Board
Duration: 1.27 min
Views: 19
Category: People

Aryan invasion theory proven false scientifically-hinduism1
Duration: 14.80 min
Views: 765
Category: Nonprofit

Videos : Miscellaneous : Scholarly Papers

Videos : Miscellaneous

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