"As the water enters in on one side under the bridge, and soon passes out on the other, so religious advice affects worldly souls. It enters into them by one ear and goes out by the other, without making any impression upon their minds." - Sri Ramakrishna

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Essays In Life And Eternity : Swami Krishnananda : English

Essays In Life And Eternity

The Coming of God on Earth by Swami Krishnananda
Duration: 33.20 min
Views: 1227
Category: People

Sri Swami Sivananda speaks on Message of Peace
Duration: 6.07 min
Views: 1792
Category: People

Obstacles in Yoga- The Three Basic Desires
Duration: 38.93 min
Views: 261
Category: Howto

Andrew Cohen in India Leading Satsang at the Sivananda ashram
Duration: 5.42 min
Views: 940
Category: People

The Eternal Value
Duration: 25.30 min
Views: 137
Category: Education

Eternal Value
Duration: 5.32 min
Views: 7
Category: Tech

Duration: 4.00 min
Views: 51
Category: Film

SYVC # 78 Sunday Night Prayers with Swami Vishnu-devananda.(Yoga Camp 1980 s)
Duration: 23.55 min
Views: 267
Category: People

Documents : Essence : Metaphysical Philosophy

Documents : Essence

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