"Infinite, eternal, changeless existence is the All; from that All, All comes forth; to that All, all returns" - Chandogya Upanishad vi.2.1

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Essence Of Yoga : Swami Sivananda : English

Essence Of Yoga

Essence of Yoga
Duration: 6.58 min
Views: 4
Category: Education

On the Wings of Ecstasy - Juan & Serena De La Sierra
Duration: 8.35 min
Views: 164
Category: Music

The Mayapuris - The Maha Mantra
Duration: 24.08 min
Views: 5322
Category: Music

On the Wings of Ecstasy - Lama Karma Chötso
Duration: 4.13 min
Views: 152
Category: Music

Duration: 11.38 min
Views: 1333
Category: People

Swami Sitaramananda explains the 5 Points of Yoga
Duration: 5.25 min
Views: 620
Category: Education

"Bear Insult Bear Injury" - Q & A with Swami Satchidananda (Integral Yoga)
Duration: 11.15 min
Views: 245
Category: Education

Hatha-Yoga Fim mit Indira Skorpion Drehsitz Diamant Halbmond Pfau Kamel....
Duration: 7.28 min
Views: 5196
Category: Sports

Documents : Essence : Yoga - Meditation - Spiritual Practice

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