"Some imaginations help to break the bondage of the rest. The whole universe is imagination, but one set of imaginations will cure another set. Those that tell us that there is sin and sorrow and death in the world are terrible. But the other set — thou art holy, there is God, there is no pain — these are good, and help to break the bondage of the others. The highest imagination that can break all the links of the chain is that of the Personal God." - Swami Vivekananda

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Ganga Stotram

Ganga Stotram Bhakti Ranjani
Duration: 9.62 min
Views: 15583
Category: Music

Hymn with English subtitles -- Ganga Stotra -- by Ādi Śaṅkarācārya
Duration: 9.65 min
Views: 3540
Category: Music

Ganga Stotram_old melodies.
Duration: 9.60 min
Views: 13007
Category: Music

Devotional Ganga Stotram J
Duration: 28.62 min
Views: 252
Category: Film

Ganga Stotram (Гімн Ганьзе на Санскрыце) - Spakoj.eu
Duration: 4.93 min
Views: 87
Category: Music

Ganga Stotram Full version.wmv
Duration: 11.15 min
Views: 3520
Category: Music

Har Har Gange - Ganga Stotram -The life Giver to Millions of People !Sunderbans.
Duration: 15.72 min
Views: 4057
Category: News

Ganga Stotram by Sadguru Bhagwan Brahmananda.wmv
Duration: 7.97 min
Views: 4705
Category: Music

Videos : Devotional : Ganga

Videos : Devotional

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