"However grateful we may be to Hindus who had discovered the decimal calculations this is definitely not adequate for what they deserve. Such a method did not flash even to the intelligence of the greatest Mathematicians of the west like Archimedis, Aparonious and many great men of Greece". - Laplace

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Gayatri Mantra - Article 1 : S Yegnasubramanian : Sanskrit - English

Gayatri Mantra - Article 1

Chinnamasta Gayatri Mantra
Duration: 1.08 min
Views: 759
Category: Nonprofit

Gayatri Mantra
Duration: 5.10 min
Views: 114449
Category: Music

Bagalamukhi Gayatri Mantra
Duration: 1.17 min
Views: 652
Category: Nonprofit

Kali Gayatri Mantra
Duration: 0.93 min
Views: 1297
Category: Nonprofit

Narasimha Gayatri Mantra
Duration: 1.20 min
Views: 363
Category: Nonprofit

Saraswati Gayatri Mantra
Duration: 1.02 min
Views: 445
Category: Nonprofit

Gayatri Mantra - Cosmic Accounting- A Journey to Enlightenment
Duration: 1.97 min
Views: 181
Category: Education

Extremely Powerful Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra
Duration: 0.75 min
Views: 3494
Category: Nonprofit

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