"Never forget, to say to yourself, and to teach to your children, as the difference between a firefly and the blazing sun, between the infinite ocean and a little pond, between a mustard-seed and the mountain of Meru, such is the difference between the householder and the Sannyasin." - Swami Vivekananda

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God Exists : Swami Sivananda : English

God Exists

Sri Swami Sivananda speaks on Message of Peace
Duration: 6.07 min
Views: 1792
Category: People

Swami Sivananda s meeting with Great saintsRishikeshIndia
Duration: 10.27 min
Views: 59323
Category: People

The Existence of God
Duration: 9.33 min
Views: 415
Category: Nonprofit

Swami Sachhidanand Paramhans
Duration: 9.83 min
Views: 119
Category: People

Swami Shankarananda- I m sorry but you do not exist
Duration: 4.57 min
Views: 1149
Category: People

Does God Exist
Duration: 56.03 min
Views: 4
Category: People

In the Original Voice of Swami Vivekanand -11th September 1893 !Parliament of World s Religions
Duration: 8.47 min
Views: 41464
Category: News

"God helps God" Paramhansa Yogananda
Duration: 14.52 min
Views: 87883
Category: Entertainment

Documents : Essence : Introduction

Documents : Essence

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