"Shri Krishna is the God of the poor, the beggar, the the sinner, the son, the father, the wife, and of everyone. He enters intimately into all our human relations and makes everything holy and in the end brings us to salvation. He is the God who hides himself from the philosopher and the learned and reveals himself to the ignorant and the children. He is the God of faith and love and not of learning. With the Gopis, love and God were the same thing — they knew Him to be love incarnate." - Swami Vivekananda

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Guruvayatpuri Pancharatnam Stotram : Brahmasri : Sanskrit - English

Guruvayupuresa Pancharanta Stothram

Sri Guruvayupuresa Pancharanta Stothram
Duration: 5.85 min
Views: 15800
Category: People

Guruvaadhapureesa Pancharatnam
Duration: 5.67 min
Views: 14283
Category: Music

Sri Kamakshi Sthotram
Duration: 7.00 min
Views: 1197
Category: Music

02 Pancharatna stotram
Duration: 7.35 min
Views: 39
Category: Nonprofit

Sri Lakshmi Narashima ashtothara shatanama stotram
Duration: 5.00 min
Views: 757
Category: Music

Sri Saraswati Shatnam Stotram
Duration: 5.23 min
Views: 1063
Category: Music

Mahishasura Mardini Stotram (Complete) - Devadas
Duration: 13.25 min
Views: 171
Category: Music

Sri Mahalakshmi Ashtakam and Navarathri Alangaram
Duration: 4.78 min
Views: 1975
Category: News

Documents : Devotional : Krishna - Stotrams

Documents : Devotional

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