"The naked Sage, Totâpuri, used to say, 'If a brass pot be not rubbed daily, it will get rusty. So if a man does not contemplate the Deity daily, his heart will grow impure.' To him Srî Râmakrishna replied, 'Yes, but if the vessel be of gold, it does not require daily cleaning. The man who has reached God requires prayers or penances no more.'" - Sri Ramakrishna

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Guruvayu Ashtottram Namavali : Brahmasri : Sanskrit

Guruvayoor Ekadashi

Guruvayoor Ekadashi.... from the album Vanamala sung by Dr.K. J .Yesudas
Duration: 4.57 min
Views: 30753
Category: Music

guruvayur ekadashiyesudasts radhakrishnanrk damodaranagrepashyamikedargoula.wmv
Duration: 5.07 min
Views: 1533
Category: Entertainment

Guruvayoor Ekadashi Kazhinju-Pooja Pushpangal
Duration: 5.67 min
Views: 714
Category: Music

Guruvayoor Ekadasi
Duration: 3.57 min
Views: 1604
Category: Music

Guruvayoor -Elephants -Ekadasi
Duration: 1.10 min
Views: 9045
Category: Travel

Guruvayoor Ekadashi-Agrepashyami
Duration: 4.80 min
Views: 211
Category: Music

GURUVAYOOR EKADASHI... shrikrishna SongsmalayalamguruvayoorappanHindu Devotional
Duration: 4.38 min
Views: 6797
Category: Entertainment

Guruvayoor Ekadasi
Duration: 1.83 min
Views: 1452
Category: People

Documents : Devotional : Krishna - Stotrams

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