"Men always quote the example of the king Janaka, as that of a man who lived in the world and yet attained perfection. But throughout the whole history of mankind there is only this solitary example. His case was not the rule, but the exception. The general rule is that no one can attain spiritual perfection unless he renounces lust and greed. Do not think yourself to be a Janaka. Many centuries have rolled away and the world has not produced another Janaka." - Sri Ramakrishna

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Guruvayu Bhujangam Stotram : Thampuran : Sanskrit - English

Rama Bhujangam Stotram

Rama Bhujangam Stotram - Lord Ram Devotional Song by Adi Sankaracharya
Duration: 7.73 min
Views: 76511
Category: Music

Sri Rama Bhujanga Prayata Stotram
Duration: 10.75 min
Views: 2170
Category: Education

Rama Bhujangam Stotram - Lord Sree Ram Devotional Song
Duration: 7.90 min
Views: 674
Category: Nonprofit

Sri Rama Stotranjali
Duration: 2.13 min
Views: 1952
Category: Music

Rama Bhujangam Stotram
Duration: 3.27 min
Views: 38
Category: Music

Dr.Nagavalli Nagaraj sings Ramachandrashtaka
Duration: 9.15 min
Views: 179
Category: Music

Sree Hanumadh Bhujangam
Duration: 4.60 min
Views: 357
Category: Music

Sri Hanumath Bhujanga Stotram
Duration: 4.40 min
Views: 310
Category: News

Documents : Devotional : Krishna - Stotrams

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