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Hari Nama Keerthanam - 2 : - : Roman - English

Hari Nama Keerthanam - 2

Hari Nama Keerthanam - 2

Lrukaradhi mudalayittu jnanumiha,
Kai koopi veenudan irakkunnu Nadaonudu,
Ekantha bakthi akame vannu udippathinnu,
Vaikunnathendu, Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations that lord Narayana who is Hari,
Why this delay in the attainment of pure unalloyed devotion,
To the formless lord,
I am asking you with folded hands,
Oh God, whom I imagine as Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. 23

(Though he has been saying about chanting of holy names as a method to approach to salvation,(stanzas 17-22) here he feels that it is not adequate and he needs to know the truth about the formless God.)

Ekanda yogikalil aakamksha kondu para,
Mekanda vazhi pokuuni then manavum,
Kakan parannu punar annangal poya vazhi,
Pokunna pole hari narayanaya nama.

Salutations that lord Narayana who is Hari,
My mind is traveling in this path of solitude,
Aimed at getting the devotion of unalloyed saints.
Like the flock of crow following the path of swans. 24

(Ezhuthachan tells that his being a devotee and his desire to the path of the formless God is like a crow traveling in the path of swans.)

Ayyanjum anjum mdan ayyarum mettum muda
Navvannamettum mudanen moonum mezhum madha,
Chaovvodoranjumapirandonnu thatwamathil,
Mevunna nadha hari Naryanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana who is Hari,
Oh Lord who you are all pervasive in,
Five into five plus five, five into six,
Eight plus eight , eight into three, seven
And five and two plus one principles. 25

(Five Bhoothas, Five sense organs, Five aspects, Five action organs, Five airs, Five subsidiary souls, Five actions, Six bases, Eight egoistic aspects, Eight actions inside the body and mind, Three nadis, Three mandals, Three doshas, three bad characers, three good characters, Three aspects of life, Seven minerals, Five interior organs, and the three holy gods are the 96 aspects referred in the above stanza.)

Othunna geethangalorovannamula poru,
Lethennu kanmathinu pora mano balavum ,
Ethengilum kimapi karunyaminnu thava,
Sadikka vendu hari narayanaya nama,

Salutations to Lord Narayana who is Hari,
I do not have the mental capability,
Of understanding the several Gitas that I read,
And so what I need is your grace,
And to get that grace,
The only way I know is devotion to you. 26

(Ezhuthachan rues over the several philosophical works whose meaning is not clear to the common man. He feels that the only option left to him is Bhakthi or devotion to him.)

Oudhubarathil masakathinnu thonnumithil,
Meethe kadhabhi sukham illennu thal parichu,
Chethovimohini mayakkayka maya thava,
Dehohaminnavayil Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana
Unlike the insect inside,
A sweet fig fruit,
Which feels that there is no pleasure,
Greater than that,
Make me not think due to illusion,
By hiding your form,
That there is no pleasure
Greater than this body in this world. 27

(Maya or illusion hides the fact that God is only one and makes us feel that this entire universe is real. Ezhuthachan wants help from the God to see the real truth.)

Ambhoja sambhavanum anbodu neendhi bhatha,
Vanmoha varidhiyilennedamorthu mama,
Vanpedi paramathu nammodadaayvathinnu,
Mumbe thozham adigal narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana
Thinking that even Lord Brahma,
Who originated from a lotus,
Was made to swim in the sea of illusion,
I am very much afraid,
That I wont able to reach you,
And so I salute your feet. 28

(Ezhuthachan prays God to keep him away from the hold of illusion.)

Appasvum vadiyumayi kondajamilane,
Mulpodu chennu kayareeoru kimkarare,
Pilpodu chennadha thaduthoru naalvareyu,
Mappole naumi , hari narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana who is Hari,
I would like to bow before thee,
Like Ajamila who bowed before those four messangers,
Of Lord Vishnu and who prevented,
The servants of Yama ,the Lord of death,
Who were trying to drag him with ropes and sticks. 29

(Ajamila who was a Brahmin lead a sinful life. In his death bed he called out the name of his lat son, “Narayana, Narayana,.”Then the assistants of lord Vishnu appeared before him and prevented the assistants of Lord Yama from taking him to hell.)

Kashtam , Bavane yoru pandyan bajichalava,
Gasthyena nee batha , sapichedendinniha ,
Nakrena kaalkadsha kadipichathendinnithu,
Morkkavathalla Hari Naryanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana who is Hari,
I am only able to remember,
That you made a crocodile bite the feet ,
Of the elephant who was a prince of Pandyas,
Cursed by sage Agasthya,
To give them both salvation. 30

(Indradhymna a Pandya prince was cursed by Sage Agasthya and became an elephant called Gajendra. Similarly a Gandharwa called Huhu was cursed by Devala to become a crocodile. You made the crocodile bite the elephant to give them both salvation Strange are your ways.)

Gadwangan enna dharaneesannu kaankoru mu
Hurthena nee gathi koduppanumendu vidhi,
Ottalla nin kali kali pole thangalil vi
Rudhangala aayathugal , narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana,
There is no end to the variety
Of your judgment,
For to the prince Dileepa,
You gave salvation, within an hour ,
And your actions leads to lot of such contradictions. 31

(While to get salvation Gajendra the elephant had to do thapas for 1000 years, to Dileepa (who was known as Gadwanga)the king within an hour.Why this contradiction in your actions)

Garvichu vannoru jarasandhanodu yudhi,
Chovvode , nilpathinnu pora ninakku balam,
Avvaridhou dahana banam thoduthathu thi,
Lapippathinnumathi, Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana,
Though you had the strength to make,
The ocean of water boil,
Using the fire arrow,
You did not have the strength,
To stand and fight,
The proud Jarasandha. 32

(When the god of Ocean did not come before Lord Rama, he sent an arrow and made the entire ocean boil. But in case of Jarasandha, Lord Krishna was defeated and had to take the help of Bhima to kill him.)

Garmma thapam kulir nilavennu thambiyodu,
Chemme paranju nija pathnim piranjalavu,
Thanne thiranju marukicha mrugakshikale,
Vrundavanathil adha , Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana,
Though you told your brother,
That the moon light divine,
Was as hot as the summer sun,
When you were away from Sita,
You made those deer eyed maidens,
Feel sorrow by going away,
And leaving their company in Brindavan. 33

(When Sita was abducted by ravana, once Lord Rama told Lakshmana that because Sita was not there, he even felt the full moon as hot as the sun. In Vrindavan he left thousands of Gopis who were lovelorn and vanished.)

Ngaanam thudangi yudan anjaksharangulude,
Yoonam varuthiyoru naktham charikku batha,
Koonoru dasiye manognagiyakkiyathu,
Monnalliyalu , hari narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana who is Haari,
You were the one who cut of ,
The organ meant to read,
The five nasal sounding alphabets,
And you were the one who made,
A hunch backed servant maid,
In to an attractive lady. 34

(He cut off the nose of Surpanaka as Rama and made a Hunch backed lady in to a pretty one as Krishna.Here he refers to the nasal sounding alphabets of Malayalam )

Chammati poondu kadingaanum murukkiyuda,
Ni indrathmajannu ther pooti ninnu batha,
Chemme maranjoru saram kondu konnathumo,
Rindrathmajanne , hari narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana who is Haari,
You were the one who wore ,
The dress of a charioteer and held a whip,
And drove a chariot for Indra’s son,
And you were also the one.
Who hid himself and killed by an arrow,
Another son of Indra. 35

(He as Lord Rama killed Bali (son of Indra) hiding behind a bush andas Lord Krishna drove chariot for Arjuna (another son of Indra.))

Channathwamarnnu kanal pole niranjulagil,
Minnunna nin mahimayarkkum thirikkaruthu,
Annannu kandathine vazhthunna Mamuniga
Lennathra thonni, Hari narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana who is Haari,
Though your power shines like a fireball,
And fills the world like lightning,,
The veil of illusion hides you from us,
And I feel that even the sages great,
Only praise you on whatever they see day to day. 36

(Maya , the illusion hides your shining resplendent forms even from sages)

Janthukkalullil vilassedunna ninnudaya,
Bandham vidathe pari poornaathmana sathatham,
Thanthum mani prakara bedhangal pole para,
Menthenthu jathamiha , narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana,
Your relationship exists,
Fully , permanently and forever,
In all the beings of earth,
In the form of their complete soul,
And the difference between them,
Appears to me similar to the different colured beads,
Of a necklace of gems.37

(The difference in appearance in different beings is only an illusion and they are like beads of a necklace.)

Jjangara nada miva yogeendrarullilumo,
Rothunna geethagalilum paal payodhiyulum,
Aakasaveedhiyilum onnayi niranjarulu,
Mananda roopa , Harinarayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,
You are spread fully,
Like the royal splendour of music,
In the minds of great sages,
In the great works of Geetha,
In the ocean of milk,
And in the avenues of the sky,
As the soul of happiness. 38

(Here Ezhuthachan imagines God as the all pervading sound.)

Gnan ennum easwaran ithennum valarnnalavu,
Jnana dwayangal palathumundavathinnu batha,
Moham nimithamathu pogum prakaram iha,
Chethassilaaga , Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,
Let my mind get devoid of the illusions,
Due to attachment to self,
Of the two types of knowledge,
Which makes me think,
That I and the God are separate. 39

(Ezhuthachan states the premise of the philosophy of advaitha in very simple words.)

Tangum kurangavum eduthittu pathiyudal,
Sangum radhangavum eduthittu pathiyudal,
Ekaksharam thava hi roopam ninappavannu,
Pokunnu moha vazhi , narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana,
The path way of illusion,
Makes your form which is one,
And which is forever,
Appear as if half of your form holds,
A deer and axe in the hand,
And the other half holds the conch,
And the holy wheel in your hand. 40

(Ezhuthachan states here that saivism and Vaishnavism is caused by illusion. Lord Vishnu is supposed to hold the conch and Wheel and Lord Shiva, the deer and an axe.)

Taayangal geetham iva naada prayogamuda,
Negasroothingaloruminnal kanakke yumi,
Thekaksharathilorumikunna poleyumi
Thakasa sookshma thanu , narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana,
Like the several notes and beats,
And like the several lovely words,
Join together as a part,
Of a single lovely song,,
Your lightning power,
Forms a part of your universal self,
Because you are as formless as the sky. 41

(More emphasis is given in the formless aspect of the Hindu notion of God.)

Damba thi doshamudan ettum kalanju hrudhi,
Mumbe nijasanamurachu eka nadiyoode,
Kambam kalanju nilayaarum kadapathinnu,
Thumbangal theerkka, Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,
You Helped me to get rid of those ,
Eight bad qualities including ego,
And made me sit in the lotus position,
And helped me to reach that ,
Lotus with thousand petals,
After crossing the six stages of yoga,
And made reach a stage, where there is no pain. 42

(After emphasizing a lot on the paths of Bhakthi and Gnana, in this verse, emphasis is given on the yogic approach to salvation.)

Dakka mrudanga thuti thalangal pole yuda,
Norkkamathi innilayilennedamorthu mama,
Nilkunnathalla mana malana badhakari,
Thhen kandapole, Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,
When I think of that ecstatic pleasure,
Of the beats of drum, Mrudanga, tin drum and metal clasps,
That I heard when my mind crossed the six stages ,
My mind is not keeping calm and at peace,
Like the Elephant which is tied and starving sees the tasty feed. 43

(It is believed that when one reaches the Lotus with thousand petals, one hears a remarkable musical sound which is a heavenly experience.)

Nathwaparam parichu karmavyapayamiha,
Madhye bavikkilum mathillengilum kimapi,
Thathwadhiyil paramudhichoru bodhamanu,
Chithe varenda thiha , narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana ,
Even if my meditation on you,
Is disturbed and stopped in the middle,
By the various duties in life,
Let those sentences born out ,
Of the great knowledge of Vedas,
Come to my mind and lead me to you. 44

(Ezhuthachan prays to God and asks him to bless him with the all pervasive knowledge of God, even if he is not able to complete his yogic search.)

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