"That which is bound is nature, not the soul." - Swami Vivekananda


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The content on this site is the result of ongoing, cumulative participation by those who love the profound spiritual knowledge, wisdom and sublime philosophies of Sanatana Dharma, meaning "Eternal Universal Righteousness", popularly known as Hinduism; its spirit of pure devotion and practices of its teachings.

Sanatana Dharma, although the oldest, most profound, comprehensive and ever-evolving religion, providing spiritual enlightenment to spiritual aspirants of all tendencies and dispositions; it makes no claims as "the only word of God".

Sanatana Dharma teaches us that there are many paths to spiritual enlightenment and there is no "the only way".

Hinduism imposes no limitations or exclusivity, the primary underlying cause of "religious" wars, of name or form on The One and Only, Universal, Absolute, Ultimate, All-pervading, Infinite Reality, with Infinite Manifestations.

Hinduism, due to its inclusiveness and its universal appeal to the spiritual nature of man, offers to mankind a glimmer of hope towards world peace, harmony and tolerance.

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Ramcharitmanasa - Uttar Kand : Goswami Tulsidas : Hindi

Ramcharitmanasa - Uttar Kand

"Sri Ramacharithamanas" (Epic Poem) - Tulsi Ramayan (Goswami Tulasidas) - "Lanka & Utthar Khand"
Duration: 67.10 min
Views: 2072
Category: Nonprofit

Akhand Paath of Sri Ram Charit Manas - Uttar Kaand - Tulsidas
Duration: 172.50 min
Views: 1582
Category: Nonprofit

Ram Charit Manas( Ramayan ) - kishKindha kand (IN Original Mukesh Voice)
Duration: 33.03 min
Views: 58
Category: Nonprofit

Jai Ram Rama Ramanam - Translation
Duration: 4.33 min
Views: 10914
Category: Music

Ramayan -Uttar Kand-2
Duration: 8.75 min
Views: 4591
Category: Nonprofit

Ram Charit Manas (Ramayan )-Lanka Kand [Vol.02] (IN Original Mukesh Voice)
Duration: 29.92 min
Views: 44
Category: Nonprofit

Ram Charit Manas(Ramayan )- Lanka Kand [Vol.1] (IN Original Mukesh Voice)
Duration: 30.47 min
Views: 102
Category: Nonprofit

Ram Charit Manas - Bal Kand - 016
Duration: 4.98 min
Views: 81
Category: Film

Documents : Scriptures : Ramayana

Documents : Scriptures

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