"The faith-healers of India order their patients to repeat with full conviction the words, 'There is no illness in me, there is no illness at all.' The patient repeats it, and, thus mentally denying, the illness goes off. So if you think yourself to be morally weak and without goodness, you will really find yourself to be so in no time. Know and believe that you are of immense power, and the power will come to you at last." - Sri Ramakrishna

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Mahasannidhanam and Sannidhanam - 1980s

Mahasannidhanam and Sannidhanam - 1980s.mpg
Duration: 7.78 min
Views: 10440
Category: Sports

02 Hara nAma smaranam - sampradAya Bhajans- Part 1
Duration: 8.17 min
Views: 194
Category: Music

Sringeri Navarathri Mahotsavam Day 6 Sharadambal Poojai by HH Bharatitirtha Mahaswamigal
Duration: 69.82 min
Views: 210
Category: Nonprofit

Sringeri HH Bharathitirtha Maha Swamigal Tirupur Camp 3 Part 1
Duration: 1.15 min
Views: 94
Category: People

Sirimanefalls Sringeri
Duration: 1.68 min
Views: 17
Category: Travel

Chaturmas 2012 Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Sarasvatiji Pravachan 20
Duration: 53.48 min
Views: 92
Category: People

Jagtial Krishana hari guru swami viri @ Sannidhanam
Duration: 7.47 min
Views: 239
Category: People

Duration: 5.23 min
Views: 68
Category: Travel

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