"Ethics always says, "Not I, but thou." Its motto is, "Not self, but non-self." The vain ideas of individualism, to which man clings when he is trying to find that Infinite Power or that Infinite Pleasure through the senses, have to be given up--say the laws of ethics. You have to put yourself last, and others before you. The senses say, "Myself first." Ethics says, "I must hold myself last." Thus, all codes of ethics are based upon this renunciation; destruction, not construction, of the individual on the material plane." - Swami Vivekananda

Slokas : Devanagri : Vishnu Naalaayiram Peyaazvaar

Muunraantiruvandaadi : Prapatti : Sanskrit

Slokas : Devanagri : Vishnu Naalaayiram Peyaazvaar

Vishnu Naalaayiram Peyaazvaar

Slokas : Devanagri

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