"So long as the iron is in the furnace it is red-hot, but it becomes black as soon as it is taken out of the fire. So also is the worldly man. As long as he is in church or in the society of pious people, he is full of religious emotions, but no sooner does he come out of those associations than he loses them all." - Sri Ramakrishna

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My Life : Swami Krishnananda : English

My Life

Concentration and Meditation - Part 1 by Swami Krishnananda
Duration: 42.98 min
Views: 1478
Category: Howto

The Coming of God on Earth by Swami Krishnananda
Duration: 33.20 min
Views: 1227
Category: People

Himalayan Memoire of Swami Hamsananda
Duration: 4.62 min
Views: 539
Category: People

The Ultimate Experience of Samadhi by Swami Krishnananda
Duration: 40.67 min
Views: 792
Category: Howto

Paramhamsa Yogiraj Swami Bal Krishnananda "MuktaBuddha"
Duration: 11.00 min
Views: 1081
Category: Education

Duration: 10.50 min
Views: 674
Category: Music

How i came to my Guru Swami Chidananda Saraswati President The Divine Life Society.
Duration: 2.02 min
Views: 501
Category: People

Surya Jyothi Yoga -Sun Salutation
Duration: 4.10 min
Views: 110
Category: Education

Documents : Essence : Mysticism

Documents : Essence

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