"Sanskrit has moulded the minds of our people to the extent to which they themselves are not conscious. Sanskrit literature is national in one sense, but its purpose has been universal. That was why it commanded the attention of people who were not followers of a particular culture." - Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan

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Nityananda - Chidakasha Gita : Kamath : English

Nityananda - Chidakasha Gita

The Chidakasha Gita of Bhagawan Nityananda in Sixty-One Topics
Duration: 199.03 min
Views: 474
Category: Entertainment

The Chidakasha Gita of Paramahamsa Bhagawan Nityananda
Duration: 3.95 min
Views: 58429
Category: Entertainment

Bhagawan Nityananda- wisdom from the Chidakash Gita
Duration: 11.52 min
Views: 1193
Category: People

Mahamandaleshwar Swami Nityananda Living Blissfully Talk 1 Part 1
Duration: 9.42 min
Views: 5308
Category: Nonprofit

Odiyoor Swamiji bhajan- Nityananda Guru
Duration: 6.80 min
Views: 571
Category: Music

Bhagwan Nityananda- Caves (University of Sadhu s)
Duration: 1.63 min
Views: 1126
Category: Nonprofit

odiyoor swamiji bhajan-tande tayiyu nityananda
Duration: 4.78 min
Views: 724
Category: Music

Nityananda Deva Jagi Jana.mpg
Duration: 2.87 min
Views: 1873
Category: Nonprofit

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