"I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation, whose purposes are modeled after our own — a God, in short, who is but a reflection of human frailty. Neither can I believe that the individual survives the death of his body, although feeble souls harbour such thoughts through fear or ridiculous egotisms." - Albert Einstein

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Pandava Gita

Pandava Gita

Pandava Gita
{The Song of Pandavas}
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

{Here is an anthology of mellifluous quotations drenched in devotion, in which many characters of the epic Mahabharatha figure as authors. Most of these prayers are not there in the Mahabharatha epic. The existence of such an anthology is mentioned in the Bruhath Stotra Sagara. Two versions of the Pandava Gita were available to me. One of them is from Shri Chitrapur Math, Shirali (Karnataka) (mahabharata-resources.org) and the other is a publication by Swarnapuri publication from Tamil Nadu, in which it is told that the text has been collected from Andhra Pradesh. While the Chithrapur collection has 82 slokas including Phala Sruthi, the swarnapuri collection has 91 slokas. While Six slokas of Chithrapur collection does not find their place in the Swarnapuri collection, 15 slokas of the Swarnapuri collection do not find their place in the Karnataka collection. The translations and transliterations in simple roman script are mine own and I acknowledge my gratefulness to the Chithrapur collection and the Swarnapuri collection.}

Dhyanam {Prayer}:

Prahlada, Narada, Parasara, Pundareeka,
Vyasa, Ambareesha, Shuka, Sounaka, Bheeshma Kavya,
Rukmangadarjuna, Vasishta, Vibheeshanadhya,
Yethanaham Parama bhagwathaan namami. 1

I bow my head and salute the great souls like,
Prahlada, Narada, Parasara, Pundareeka,
Vyasa, Ambarresha, Shuka, Sounaka, Bheeshma,
Rukmangadha, Arjuna, Vasishta and Vibheeshana.

(Swarnapuri version
Pandava Uvacha:
Pandavas spoke:

Prahlada, Narada, Parasara, Pundareeka,
Vyasa, Ambareesha Shuka, Sounaka Bheeshma kavya,
Rukmangadarjuna, Vasishta Vibheeshanadhya,
Punyaniman parama Bhagwathan Smarami. 1

I remember and salute the great souls like,
Prahlada, Narada, Parasara, Pundareeka,
Vyasa, Ambarresha, Shuka, Sounaka, Bheeshma,
Rukmangadha, Arjuna, Vasishta and Vibheeshana.

Lomaharshana Uvacha:
Lomaharshana said:

Dharma vivardhathi yudishtra keerthanena,
Papam pranasyathi Vrukodhara keerthanena,
Shathrur vinasyathi Dhananjaya keerthanena,
Madhri suthou kadayatham na bhavanthi roga. 2

By singing about Yudhishtra, Dharma spreads,
By singing about Bheema, sins vanish,
By singing about Arjuna, enemies are destroyed,
And by repeating the names of the sons of Madhri,
Sicknesses will never make their appearance.

Brahmo Uvacha:
Lord Brahma said:

Ye manava vigatha raga paraparagna,
Narayanam sura gurum sathatham smaranthi,
Dhyanena thena hatha kilbisha Chethanasthe,
Mathu payodhara rasam puna pibhanthi. 3

Those men who are free from desire,
And who are beyond the realms of attachment,
And who always remember Lord Narayana,
Who is the teacher of all gods, would get,
Their mind cleansed of all dirty thoughts,
And would they drink their mother’s milk again*.?
*Would they have another birth?

Indra Uvacha:
Lord Indra said:

Narayano nama naro naranaam,
Prasidha choura kadhidha pruthvyam,
Aneka janmarjitha papa sanchayam,
Harathyasesham smrutha matra eva ya. 4

Think of Narayana, who is famous ,
As a thief in the world of men,
And at his very thought, he would completely,
Steal the wealth of all your sins,
Earned during several of your births.

Yudhishtra Uvacha:
Yudhishtra said:

Megha shyamam peetha kouseya vasam,
Sri vatsangam kousthubho basithangam,
Punyo petham pundarikayathaksham,
Vishnum Vande sarva lokaika natham. 5

Salute that Vishnu, who is the lord of all worlds,
Who is black like a cloud and wears yellow silk,
Who has Srivathsa on his body shining with Kousthubha,
And who has lotus like eyes and lives with good souls.

Bhima Uvacha:
Bhima told:

Jalougha maghna sa characara dhara,
Vishana kotyakhila viswa moorthina,
Samdhoodrutha yena varaha roopina,
Sa may swayumbhur Bhagawan praseedhathaam. 6

Let me be able to please that self made God,
Who as a boar went inside the waters.
And lifted the earth along with all the crores,
Of living and non living beings from there.

Arjuna Uvacha:
Arjuna said:

Achinthyam avyaktham anantham avyayaym,
Vibhum prabhum bhavitha Viswa Bhavanam,
Trilokya visthara, vichara karakam,
Harim prapannosmi gathim mahathmanam. 7

Let me surrender myself to the Lord Hari,
Who is the ultimate aim of great people,
Who is beyond thought and clarity ,
Who is endless and imperishable,
Who is the Lord who is the greatest,
And takes care of the upkeep of the three worlds.

Nakula Uvacha:
Nakula said:

Yadhi gamanamadasthath Kala pasanu badho,
Yadhi cha kula viheene jayathe pakshi keete
Krumi satham aapi gathwa jayathe cha aantharathma,
Mama bhavathu hrudhisthe Kesave Bhakthi Rekha. 8

Tied by the rope of the God of death,
Even if I am born in a base clan,
Or born as a bird or worm or insect,
I would be glad, if my inner soul,
Has a mind in which Lord Kesava is kept.

Sahadeva Uvacha:
Saha Deva said:

Thasya Yajna varahasya vishnor athula thejasa,
Pranamam ye prakurvanthi thesham aapi namo nama. 9

I salute and salute those great people,
Who worship the powerful light of Vishnu,
In the form of the Yagna Varaha,

Kunthi Uvacha:
Kunthi told:

Sarva karma phala nirdhishtam yam yam yonim vrajamyaham,
Thasyam thasyam Hrishikesa thwayi Bhakthi druda aasthu may. 10

In whichever, whichever womb I am born.
As a result of my directed Karma,
I should be born with stable devotion,
To Lord Hrishikesa in each of those births.

Madhri Uvacha:
Madhri told:

Krishne ratha Krishna manusmaranthi,
Rathrou cha krushna punar uthidha ye,
They binna deha pravisanthi Krishna,
Havir yadha mathra hutham huthasa. 11

Those who enjoy the name of Krishna,
Those who remember the name of Krishna,
In the night as Krishna and also after waking up,
Would become one with him, in whichever body they are in,
Like the food offering in the sacrificial fire offered with chants.

Draupadhi Uvacha:
Draupadhi told:

Keeteshu pakshishu mrugeshu sarisrupeshu,
Raksha pisacha manujeshwapi yathra yathra,
Jathasya may Bhavathu Kesava thath prasadath,
Thwayyeva bhakthi rachala aavyabhicharini cha. 12

Due to your grace Oh Lord Kesava,
Whether I am born as insect, birds, beasts or fishes,
Whether I am born as demons, ghosts or men,
May the stable devotion to you and you alone be always with me.

Subhadra Uvacha:
Subhadra said:

Yekopi Krishnasya sa kruth pranamo,
Dasaswamedhavabruthena thulya,
Dasaswamedhi punarethi janma,
Krishna pranami na punarbhavaya. 13

One salute with devotion to Lord Krishna,
Is equal to the carrying out of ten Aswamedhas,
But even if one does ten Aswamedhas,
He is born again but not if he salutes Krishna.

Abhimanyu Uvacha:
Abhimanyu said:

Govinda, Govinda hare murare,
Govinda, Govinda Mukunda Krishna,
Govinda, Govinda Radhanga Pane,
Govinda, Govinda namo namasthe. 14

Oh Govinda, Oh Govinda, Oh Hari, Oh killer of Mura,
Oh Govinda, Oh Govinda, Oh Mukunda, Oh Krishna,
Oh Govinda, Oh Govinda, Oh wielder of the holy wheel,
Saluttions and salutations to you, Oh Govinda, Oh Govinda.

Drushtadhymna Uvacha:
Drushtadhymna told:

Sri Rama Narayana Vasudeva,
Govinda Vaikunta Mukunda Krishna,
Sri Kesavanantha nrusimha Vishno,
Aam thrahi samsara bhujanga dashtram.

Hey Rama, Hey Narayana, Hey Vasudeva,
Hey Govinda, Hey Mukunda in Vaikunta, Hey Krishna,
Hey Kesava, Hey endless one, Hey man-lion, Hey Vishnu,
Please save me from the bite of the serpent of domestic life.

Sathyakir Uvacha:
Sathyaki told:

Aaprameya hare vishno Krishna Damodharachyutha,
Govindanantha sarvesa Vasudeva namosthuthe, 15

Oh Incomparable Hari, Oh Vishnu, Oh Hari,
Oh Damodhara, Oh Achyutha, Oh Govinda,
Oh God without limits, Oh God of all,
And oh God of all, My salutations to you.

Udhava Uvacha:
Udhava told:

Vasudevam parithyajya, Yo anya devam upasathe,
Trushitho jahnavi theere koopam vanchathi durbhaga. 16

He who worships other gods after forsaking Vasudeva,
Is similar to one who digs a well in the shore of holy ganges.

Doumya Uvacha:
Doumya told:

Aapaam sameepe sayana asanastham,
Divaa cha rathrou cha yasadhi gachathaam,
Yadhyasyathi kinchith sukrutham krutham maya,
Janardhanasthena kruthena thushyathu. 17

While I spent my time sleeping and sitting,
Day and night in the shores of water bodies,
If I have done at least some good acts,
Let them please my God Janardhana.

Sanjaya Uvacha:
Sanjaya said:

Aartha vishanna sidhilascha bheetha,
Vyaheeshu goreshu cha varthamana,
Naryana sangeerthya sabdha mathram,
Vimuktha dukho Sukhino bhavanthu. 18

He who is struck by calamity, He who is worried,
He who is afraid of destruction and He who hears,
The attack of serious disease, If he sings the name of Narayana,
He would get rid of all the sorrow and become happy.

Aakroora Uvacha:
Aakroora said:

Aaham thu Narayana dasa dasa,
Dasasya cha dasasya cha dasa dasa,
Aanyebhya eeso jagatho naraanaam,
Thasyad aaham dhanyaanyatharosmi loke. 19

I am the slave of Lord Narayana,
I am a slave to his slave, I am,
The slave to his slave’s, slave’s slave,
And there are no gods except Narayana to men,
And therefore I consider myself blessed in this world.

Virata Uvacha:
King Virata said:

Vasudevasya ye bhaktha santha sthadgatha chethasa,
Thesham dasaya dasoham bhaveyam janma janmani. 20

I am the slave of the slave for all births,
Of Those very peaceful devotes of Vasudeva,
Who have him in their mind.

Bheeshma Uvacha:
Bheeshma said:

Vipareetheshu kaaleshu pareeekshaneshu bhandhushu,
Thrahi maam krupaya Krishna saranagatha vathsala. 21

When the times are bad and when relatives forsake me,
Please take care of me with mercy, Oh Lord Krishna,
Who loves dearly those who seek refuge in him.

Drona Uvacha:
Drona told:

Yea yea hathaschakra dharana daithyam,
Trilokya nadhena janardhanena,
They they gatha Vishnu pureem prayatha,
Krodhapi devasya varena thulya. 22

All those Rakshasas killed by the holy wheel,
Of Janardhana, the lord of the three worlds,
Have without doubt reached the land of Vishnu,
And so your anger is also equal to your blessing.

Krupacharya Uvacha:
Krupacharya told:

Majjanmana phalam Madhu Kaidabhare,
Mad prarthaneeya madanugraha yesha yeva,
Thwad bruthya paricharaka bruthya bruthya,
Bruthyasya bruthya ithi maam smara Lokanadha. 23

Oh killer of Madhu and Kaidabha, as a result of my life,
I have only a prayer to bless me Oh lord of the world,
Bless me to be your servant of your servant,
Who is the servant of the servant of the servant

Aswathama Uvacha:
Aswathama said:

Govinda, Kesava Janardhana Vasudheva,
Viswesa Viswa Madhusoodhana Viswanadha,
Sri Padmanabha purushothama pushkaraksha,
Narayanachyutha Nrusimha namo namasthe. 24

Salutations and salutations to Govinda, Kesava,
Janardhana, Vasudeva, God of the universe,
Killer of Madhu, Lord of all universe,
He who has lotus on his belly, the best among men,
The lord with lotus like eyes. Narayana and Achyutha,

Karna Uvacha:
Karna said:

Na anyam vadami, na srunomi, na chinthayami,
Na anyam smarami, na bhajami, na cha aasrayami,
Bhakthya thwadheeya charanambhujamantharena,
Sri srinivasa purushothama dehi dasyam. 25

I would not tell any other name, no hear nor think,
I would not think of any other name, nor pray nor seek refuge,
Except your lotus like feet with great devotion,
Oh Srinivasa, Oh Purushothama, please accept me as your slave.

Drutharashtra Uvacha:
Drutharashtra said:

Namo nama karana vamanaya,
Narayanaya aamitha vikramaya,
Sri saranga chakrabhja gadha dharaya,
Namosthu thasmai purushothamaya. 26

Salutations to him who assumed the dwarf form for a cause,
To Narayana, to the most valorous one, to he who carries,
The Saranga bow, holy wheel and mace,
And Oh greatest among men, my salutations.

Gandhari Uvacha:
Queen Gandhari said:

Thwameva matha cha pitha thwameva,
Thwameva bhandusha, sakha thwameva,
Thwameva vidhya, dravinam thwameva,
Thwameva sarvam mama deva deva. 27

Of my god of gods, you are my mother and father,
You are my relations, you are my friend,
You are my knowledge as well as wealth,
And you are everything for me.

Drupadha Uvacha:
King Drupadha said:

Yasochyutha govinda madhavanantha kesava ,
Krishna Vishno Hrishikesa vasudeva namosthuthe. 28

My salutations to you, lord of all sacrifices.
Govinda, Madhava, endless one, Kesava,
Krishna, Vishnu, Hrishikesa and Vasudeva.

Jayadratha Uvacha:
Jayadratha said:

Nama krishnaya devaya, brahmana anantha moorthaye,
Yogeswaraya yogaya, thwamaham saranam gatha. 29

I seek refuge in you Oh Krishna, Oh God, Oh formless truth,
Oh endless God, Oh God of all yogas and Oh great yogi.

Vikaranasya Uvacha:
Vikarana said:

Krishnaya Vasudevaya Devaki nandanaya cha,
Nanda gopa kumaraya, Govindaya namo nama. 30

My salutations to Krishna, Vasudeva, son of Devaki,
Lad of Nanda gopa and to Govinda.

Virata Uvacha:
King of Virata said:

Namo brahmanya devaya, go brahmana hithaya cha,
Jagadwithaya Krishnaya, govindaya namo nama. 31

Salutations to the God of Brahmanas,
Who takes care of the needs of cows and Brahmins,
Salutations and salutations to Lord Govinda,
Who is the benefactor of the world.

Salya Uvacha:
King Salya said:

Athasi pushpa sankasam, peetha vasa samachyutham,
Ye namasyanthi govindam na thesham vidhyathe bhayam. 32

Those who salute Lord Govinda,
Who is blue like the flower of hemp,
And who wears yellow silk,
Will not know, what it is to be afraid.

Balabadra Uvacha:
Balarama said:

Krishna, Krishna krupalu, thwam agatheenam gathirbhava,
Samsararnava magnanam praseedha purushothama. 33

Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna, you are the only help to orphans,
Drowning in the ocean of life and so be pleased oh great one.

Sri Krishna Uvacha:
Lord Krishna said:

Krishna krishnethi krishnethi, yo maam smarathi nithyasa,
Jalam bhithwa yada padmam narakad udwaramyaham. 34

He who remembers daily as Krishna, Krishna and Krishna,
Would be pulled out of hell like a lotus flower is pulled out of water.

Sri Krishna Uvacha:
Lord Krishna said:

Sathyam braveemi manuja swayam oordhwa bahu,
Yo maam Mukunda Nrusimha, Janardhanethi,
Jeevo japatha aanudinam marane rane vaa,
Pashana kashta sadrusaya dadamyabheeshtam. 35

Holding my long hands up an erect,
I am only telling the truth,
He who chants Mukunda, Narasimha and Janardhana,
All his life whether it is the time of death or in war,
Even if they are worthless like a stone or wood,
I fulfill all their wants without fail.

Easwara Uvacha:
Lord Shiva said:

Sakrun narayane thyukthwa puman kalpa satha thrayam,
Gangadhi sarva theertheshu snatho bhavathi puthraka. 36

The gentleman who tells once the name of Narayana
Gets the same effect of bathing in Ganga for three hundred eons.

Sutha Uvacha:
Saint Sutha said:

Thathraiva Ganga, Yamuna cha Veni,
Godhavari, Sindhu, Saraswathi cha,
Sarvani theerthani vasanthi thathra,
Ya achyuthodhara kadha prasanga. 37

Wherever the stories of Achytha are told,
All holy waters like Ganga, Yamuna, Triveni,
Are present there with all other holy waters.

Yama Uvacha:
The God of death told:

Narake pachyamanam thu Yamena paribhashitham,
Kim thwaya narchitho Deva, Kesava Klesa nasana. 38

When being fried in the hell, the God of death asks,
Why did you not worship Lord Kesava the destroyer of pains?

Narada Uvacha:
Sage Narada said:

Janmanthara sahasrena thapo dhyana samadhibhi,
Naraanaam ksheena paapanam, krishne bhakthi prajayathe. 39

In the minds of men devotion, lord Krishna is born,
Due to austerities, meditations and devotions.
Practiced in thousands of their previous births.

Prahlada Uvacha:
Prahlada said:

Nadha, Yoni Sahasreshu Yeshu yeshu vrajamyaham,
Theshu theshvachala bhakthirachyutha asthu sada thwayee. 40

Ya prethi avivekinaam vishyeshavana payini,
Thwam anusmaratha saa may hrudayanmaapa sarvathu. 41

Oh Lord, Whenever I am born in thousand different wombs,
In each of those times let me always have unshakable faith in Achyutha.

Whenever I think of you, let my heart be full of you,
Similar to the foolish man’s attachment to sensual pleasures.

Viswamithra Uvacha:
Sage Viswamithra said:

Kim thasya dhanair, kim theerthai kim thapobhi kimadhwarai.
Yo nithyam dhyayathe devam Narayanam manasi sthitham. 42

What is the use of charity, sacred waters, austerities and sacrifices.
To him who daily meditates on the God Narayana and keeps him there.

Jamadagnir Uvacha:
Sage Jamadagni said:

Nithyothsava thadha thesham Nithya sreer, nithya Mangalam,
Yesham hrudhistho Bhagwan mangalayathanam Hari. 43

Every day is a festival, every day is wealthy, and every day is auspicious,
To him who keeps the God Hari who is the cause of good, in his heart.

Bharadwaja Uvacha:
Sage Bharadwaja said:

Labhasthesham jayasthesham, kuthasthesham parajaya,
Yesham indivarashyamo hrudyasthe janardhana. 44

To those who keep in their mind, Janardhana, who is the colour of the blue lotus,
There is only profit and victory and they would never have defeat.

Gowthama Uvacha:
Sage Gowthama told:

Go koti dhanam grahaneshu Kasi,
Prayaga gangayutha kalpavasa,
Yagnayutham meru swarna dhanam,
Govinda namna kadhapi thulyam. 45

The name of Govinda is much greater than,
To giving crores of cows during eclipse,
Or living in Benares or Allahabad,
In the shores of Ganges for thousands of eons.

Agnir Uvacha:
The god of fire told:

Govindethi sada snanam, Govindhethi sada Japa,
Govindethi sada dhyanam, sada Govinda keerthanam. 46

Tri Aksharam param Brahma, Govindam Aksharam param,
Thasmad ucharitham yena Brahma bhooyaya kalpathe. 47

Take bath always in Govinda.
Always chant the names of Govinda.
Meditate always on Govinda,
And always sing the names of Govinda.

Three alphabets are the greatest God,
Govinda is therefore the undecaying truth,
And therefore pronouncing it leads,
To the realization of that Ultimate Brahmam. 48

Vyasa Uvacha:
Sage Vyasa said:

Achyutha kalpa vruksho asavanantha kamadhenu vai,
Chinthamanisthu govindo hare nama vicinthayeth. 49

Achyutha is the wish giving tree,
The endless one is the wish giving cow,
And Govinda is the wish giving gem,
And so think of the name of Lord Hari.

{This is ascribed to sage Shuka in the Swarnapuri publication.}

Indra Uvacha:
Devendra said:

Jayathu, jayathu devo Devaki nandanoyam,
Jayathu, jayathu krishno vrishnee vamsa pradheepa,
Jayathu, jayathu megha Shyamala komalango,
Jayathu, jayathu pruthwi bhara nasaya mukunda. 50

Victory and Victory to the son of Devaki,
Victory and Victory to the leading light of Vrishni clan,
Victory and Victory to the pretty one who is black like the cloud,
Victory and Victory to the Mukunda who lightens the burden of earth.

{This is ascribed to Hari in the Swarnapuri publication.}

Pippalayana Uvacha:
Sage Pippalayana said:

Sriman nrusimha vibhave garuda dwajaya,
Thapathrayopa samanaya bhava oushadhaya,
Krushnaya vruschika jalagni bhujanga roga,
Klesa vyayaa haraye gurave namasthe. 51

Hey Lord Narasimha, Hey great God, Hey God with eagle flag,
Hey God who cures three types of sufferings,
Hey God who is the cure for birth, Hey Krishna,
Hey God who keeps away dangers of scorpion, water, fire ad diseases,
Hey God who wards of troubles, to you Hari my teacher are my salutations.

Avirhothra Uvacha:
Sage Avir hothra said:

Krishna thwadheeya pada pankaja pancharam they,
Aadhyaiva may visathu manasa raja hamsa,
Prana prayana samaye kapha vada pithai,
Kantaavarodhana vidhou smaranam kuthasthe. 52

Oh Krishna, please imprison the royal swan of my mind,
In the cage of thine lotus like feet, for perhaps,
My throat would be choked at the time of my death,
By three afflictions of gas, bile and phlegm,
And I may not be able to call or remember you.

Vidhura Uvacha:
Vidhura said:

Harer namaiva namaiva namaiva mama jeevanam,
Kalou nasthyeva nasthyeva nasthyeva gather anyadha. 53

The name of Hari, the name of Hari and the name of Hari,
Is the only support to my life, for in Kali yuga,
There is no other way, no other way and no other way than that.

Vasishta Uvacha:
Sage Vasishta said:

Krishnethi Mangalam Nama yasya vachi pravarthathe,
Bhasmai bhavanthi thasyasu maha pathaka kotaya. 54

At the instant when the toungue utters the name of holy Krishna,
All the billions of sins done by one is burnt to ashes.

Arundathi said:

Krishnaya Vasudevaya Haraye Paramathmane,
Pranatha klesa nasaya Govindaya namo nama. 55

Salutations and salutations to Govinda,Krishna,
Hari and the greatest being who destroys the pains of souls.

Kasyapa Uvacha:
Sage Kasyapa said:

Krishna anusmarana deva, papa sangath panjara,
Sathadha bedhamapnothi girir vajra hatho yadha. 56

On remembering Krishna, the cage of our sins,
Is shattered in to hundred pieces,
Like the mountain hit by the Vajrayudha.

Duryodhana Uvacha:
Duryodhana said:

Janaami dharmam na cha pravruthi,
Janamyadharmam na cha may nivruthi,
Kenapi devena hrudhi sthithena,
Yada niyuktho asmi karomi. 57

I know what is Dharma but not able to practice it,
I know what is not Dharma, but I am not able to keep away from it,
And I am only doing this as directed by a God who is within my mind.

Yanthrasya mama doshena, kshmayatham Madhusoodhana,
Aham yanthram, bhavan yanthri, mama dosha na deeyatham. 58

Oh killer of Madhu, please pardon my lapses ,
Which have been done by me mechanically,
For I am the machine and you are the one who runs it,
And so be kind enough to forgive my faults.

(Swarnapuri version:
Yathra swaguna doshena kshamyatham Madhusoodhana,
Ahamevamaha, hanthum mama dosho na vidhyathe.

So, Oh killer of Madhu please pardon,
The lapses of my character,
And do not consider them as bad,
For I am incapable of removing them,
Though I know of their presence in me.)

Brugur Uvacha:
Sage Brugu said:

Namaiva thava Govinda kalou thwatha sathadhikam,
Dadath ucharanan mukthim vina ashtanga yogatha. 59

Your name in the age of Kali ,
Is hundred times greater than you,
For simply chanting it leads to salvation,
Without the troubles of the eight fold yoga.

Lomesa Uvacha:
Sage Lomesa said:

Namami Narayana Pada pankajam,
Karomi Narayana poojanam sada,
Vadami Narayana nama nirmalam,
Smarami Narayana thathwam avyayam. 60

Salute the lotus like feet of Narayana,
Do always the worship of Lord Narayana,
Tell the holy name of Narayana,
And always think of the principle of Narayana.

{The above sloka is ascribed to Loma harshana in Swarnapuri publication.}

Shaunaka Uvacha:
Sage Shaunaka said:

Smrutha sakala kalyanam bhajanam yasya jayathe,
Purusham thamajam nithyam vrajami saranam Harim. 61

By remembering him, all the good happens,
Devotion to him is born in the mind,
And so I daily take refuge in that great one.

(Swarnapuri version:
Smruthwa sakala kalyani, bhaajanam yathra jayathe,
Purusham thamajam nithyam vrujami saranam Harim.

He whose mere thought brings all his great qualities to you,
Is Hari and so I take refuge in that great being.)

Garga Uvacha:
Sage Garga said:

Narayanethi manthrosthi, vagasthi vasa varthani,
Thadapi narake ghore pathanthi ithyedha madbutham. 62

It is greatly surprising to know that,
In spite of the chant of Narayana existing,
In spite of tongue being under control of men,
Many fall in the terrible places in hell.

Dhalabhya Uvacha:
Sage Dhalabhya said:

Kim thasya bahubhir manthrai bhakthir yasya janardhana,
Namo Nararayana yethi mantra sarvartha sadhaka, 63

What is the necessity of several chants,
To the devotees of Janardhana,
When the chant Namo Naryanaya
Would fulfill all their desires.

Vaisampayana Uvacha:
Sage Vaisampayana told:

Yathra yogeswara krushno, yathra partho dhanurdhara,
Thathra srirvijayo bhoothir dhruva neethir mama. 64

Where Krishna, the king of Yogas, and where the wielder of bow,
Arjuna is there, there will exist all the good, all the victory,
All the fame, and all the justice.in this world.

{Note: This is ascribed to Sanjaya in Vishnu Sahasra namam. As well as swarnapuri publication.}

Agnir Uvacha:
The god of fire told:

Harir harathi paapaani, dushta chithair api smrutha,
Anischayapi samsprushto dahathyava hi pavaka. 65

Hari even steals the sins of people with evil minds,
For does not fire burn, even if touched without knowing?

Parameshwara Uvacha:
Lord Shiva said:

Sakrudacharitham yena harir akshara dwayam,
Labdha parikarasthena mokshaya gamanam prathi. 66

He who utters the two syllables in the name of Hari,
Has a great history of good and great deeds,
And has already kept in preparation for salvation,
The retinue to accompany him when dead.

Pulasthya Uvacha:
Sage Pulasthya said:

Yea Jihwe rasa saragne. Sarvada madhura priye,
Narayankhya peeyusham pibha jihwe nirantharam. 67

Hey toungue who knows all tastes and which always loves sweetness,
Always without stopping drink the nectar of Narayana.

Vyasa Uvacha:
Sage Vyasa said:

Sathyam sathyam puna sathyam, budham uthapya chochyathe,
Na vedascha param Sasthram, na deva kesavath para. 68

It is truth, truth and again truth,
Which is told with raised hands,
There is no science greater than Vedas,
And no God greater than Kesava.

Dhanwanthari Uvacha:
Dhanwanthari said:

Achyuthanantha Govinda, namocharana bheshajath,
Nasyanthi sakala roga, sathyam, sathyam vadamyaham. 69

I tell you that it is the truth and only truth,
That the chanting of names of Achyutha, Anantha and Govinda,
Would destroy all types of diseases.

Markandeya Uvacha:
Markandeya said:

Swargadham mokshadham devam, Sukhadham jagatho gurum,
Kadham muhurtham api tham vasudevam na chinthayeth. 70

Is there a time when you do not think of Vasudeva,
Who grants salvation and makes life pleasant like a teacher?

(Swarnapuri version:

Sa hanisthan maha chidhram sa ch antha jada moodatha,
Yan muhurtham kshanam vapi Vasudevam na chinthayeth,

If at any period, I do not think of Vasudeva,
It is that time when I get in to problems,
Get in to great troubles and stand,
Like a blind, immobile fool.)

Agasthya Uvacha:
Sage Agasthya said:

Nimisham nimishardham va praninaam Vishnu chinthanam,
Thathra thathra kurukshethram prayaga naimisham varam. 71

If any being thinks about Lord Vishnu,
For a minute or half a minute,
The holy places of Kurukshethre,
Prayaga and Naimisharanya descends there.

Vamadeva Uvacha:
Sage Vamadeva said:

Nimisham nimishardham va praninaam Vishnu chinthanam,
Kalpa koti sahasrani labhathe vanchitham phalam. 72

If any being thinks about Lord Vishnu,
For a minute or half a minute,
They would get desired results,
For thousands of crores ions.

Shukra Uvacha:
Sage Shukra said:

Aalodya sarva shasthrani vicharya cha puna puna,
Idham yekam sunishpannam dhayayo Narayana sadha 73

After churning all scriptures and thinking and thinking again,
I have come to the single conclusion, meditate on Narayana..

{This is ascribed to sage Shuka in Swarnapuri publication.}

Sri Mahadeva Uvacha:
Lord Parameshwara said:

Sareere jarajare bhoothe, vyadhi grasthe kalebhare,
Oushadham jahnavi thoyam, Vaidhyo Narayano hari. 74

When the body has become extremely old,
And is afflicted by many diseases,
The only medicine is the water of Ganga,
And the only doctor is Lord Narayana.

Sounaka Uvacha:
Sage Sounaka said:

Bhojanachadhane chintham vrudha kurvanthi Vaishnava,
Yo asou Viswambharo deva, sa bhaktham kim upekshathe. 75

The devotees of Lord Vishnu, can live without need worry for cloths and food,
For will not that God of the universe take care of the needs of his devotees.

Sanath Kumara Uvacha:
Sage Sanathkumara said:

Yasya hasthe gadha chakram garudo yasya vahanam,
Shanka Chakra Gadha pani sa may Vishnu praseedhathu. 76

May that Vishnu who holds in his hand mace and the wheel,
And who rides on eagle and who is known as,
The holder of conch, Wheel and the mace, be pleased with me.

Phala Sruthi
The telling of the effects:

Yevam Brahmadhayo deva rishatyascha thapodhana,
Keerthayanthi sura sreshtam evam Narayanam Vibhum. 77

Thus Lord Brahma, devas, sages who do austerities.
Sing about the greatest of Devas who is Lord Narayana..

Idham pavithram Ayushyam, puunyam, papa pranasanam,
Dukha swapna nasanam, pandavai parikeerthayeth 78

This holy hymn which gives long meritorious life,
Is the killer of sins. and destroyer of sorrow and bad dreams,
And was sung by the Pandava princes.

Yah padeth prathar uthaya suchi sthad gatha manasa,
Gavam satha sahasrayasya samyag dathasya yad phalam. 79

He who reads this hymn after waking up in the morning,
With a clean mind and a mind which is attached to God,
Will get the same benefit as the one who gives,
Hundred thousand cows in charity with rituals.

Swarnapuri version:
Ya padeth prathar uthaya Vaishnavam stotram uthamam,
Sarva papa vinirmuktho Vishnu sayujyam aapnuyath.

He who reads this great prayer of the devotees of Vishnu,
Would get rid of all his sins and would become one with Vishnu.

Thath phalam samavapnothi yah padeth ithi samsthavam,
Sarva papa vinirmuktho Vishnu lokam cha Gachathi. 80

He who reads with devotion also gets the result,
That he would be freed of all sins and go to the land of Vishnu.

Ganga geetha cha Gayathri, Govindo Garuda dwaja,
Gakarai pancha bhir yuktha punarjanma na vidhyathe. 81

He who is with the five things starting with letter ga
Namely Ganges, Geetha, Gayathri, Govinda and
He who has Garuda as a flag, is never born again.

Geetham ya padathe nithyam slokardha slokameva,
Muchyathe sarva paapebho, Vishnu lokam sa gachathi. 82

He who sings at least half a verse or a verse .
Of the song of the Pandavas daily,
Would get rid of all his sins,
And would go to the world of Vishnu.

Om Thath Sath.

Additional stotras found in compilation published by swarnapuri.com:

Agasthya Uvacha:
Agasthya said:

Manasa karmana vacha yeh smaranthi Janardhanam,
Thathra thathra kurukshethram prayago naimisam vanam. 1

When you think of Janardhana either by mind or by action or by words,
There Kurukshethra, Prayaga and Naimisaranya are there.

Angeerasa Uvacha:
Angeerasa said:

Harir harethi papani dushta chithair api smrutha,
Aanischayapi samsprushto dhathyeva hi pavaka. 2

Even if a man with base thoughts thinks of Hari,
He burns of his sins like fire, even though he may not desire for it..

Aathri Uvacha:
Sage Athri said:

Aaksharam hi para brahma govindethyakshara thrayam,
Thasmad ucharitham yena brahma booyaya kalpyathe. 3

The entity of God is never destroyed,
But the name Govinda has three letters,
And he, who pronounces it,
Would become one with that God.

Govindethi sada snanam, Govindethi sada japam,
Govindethi sada dhyanam, sada Govinda keerthanam, 4

Always bathe with Govinda,
Always chant the name of Govinda,
Always meditate on Govinda,
And always sing the name of Govinda.

Kanva Uvacha:
Sage Kanva said:

Hrudhi roopam, mukhe chinnam, naivedhya mudhare thadha,
Thulasi pada theertham cha, masthake so asyamaham. 5

I become him, who keeps my name in his mind,
My symbol on his face, my offering in his stomach,
And the sacred water of Thulasi* on his head.
*Ocimum sanctum

Kruthavarma Uvacha:
King Kruthavarma said:

Sankha chakra Gadha pane, dwarakha nilayachyutha,
Govinda pundareekaksha, raksha maam saranagatham. 6

Oh Achyutha, Oh Govinda, Oh lotus eyed one,
Who lives in the city of Dwaraka,
Who holds conch, wheel and mace in his hand,
Please protect me who has surrendered to you.

Nairutha Uvacha:
Nairutha said:

Yaddhinam hari sallapa kadha peeyusha varjitham,
Thaddhinam durdhinam manye meghachannam na durdhinam. 7

That day when we are kept away,
From the nectar like stories of Hari,
Are bad days and not those days,
When the sun is completely covered by clouds.

Parasara Uvacha:
Sage Parasara said:

Sakrudacharitham yena hareeririthyakshara dwayam,
Badha parikarasthena mokshaaya gamanam prathi. 8

The story of he who chants the two letters of Hari is good,
For he is the one who is ready to the journey of salvation.

Pareekshith Uvacha:
King Pareekshith said:

Namoasmad acharya paramparabhyo,
Namo nama bhagwatha vrajebhyo,
Namo nama anantha mukhavarebhyo,
Nama sriye sripathaye namosthu. 9

Salutations to the generation of teachers,
Salutations to great devotees of Krisna,
Salutations to the serpents like Anantha,
Salutations to Lakshmi and also to her consort.

Pavana Uvacha:
The wind God said:

Govindethi param brahma Govindethi traiksharam,
Sakrudacharitham yena Vishno sayujyamapnuyath. 10

Because Govinda is the ultimate God,
He who chants the three letters of Govinda,
Would travel and reach the world of Vishnu.

Valakilya Uvacha:
Sages Valakilya said:

Idham sareeram satha sandhi jarjaram,
Pathathyavasyam parinaama durlabham,
Kimoushadham pasyasi mooda durmathe,
Niramayam Krishna rasayanam Pibha. 11

This body made out of one hundred joints,
Definitely unties itself progressively,
And Oh fool with a bad mind,
Do you see any medicine to cure it?
Drink Krishna, the mixture, which is always devoid of sickness.

Vinayaka Uvacha:
Lord Ganesa said:

Narayanethi manthrena chathurakshayaharnisham,
Yan mano vilayam yathi thasya Vishno param padam. 12

Always chanting without stop, the four letter chant of Narayana,
And keeping it in their mind, would lead them to the heaven of Vishnu.

Shandilya Uvacha:
Sage Shandilya said:

Jale rakshathu Varaha, sthale rakshathu Vamana,
Adavyam Narasimhascha, sarvathu pathu Kesava. 13

Varaha takes care of you in water,
Vamana takes care of you on earth,
Narasimha takes care of you in forest,
And Kesava takes care of you everywhere.

Sanathkumara Uvacha:
Sage Sanathkumara said:

Nasthi nasthi mahabhaga kali kala samam yugam,
Smaranath keerthana deva prapnothi paramam gathim. 14

Oh great one, there is no period equal to Kali Yuga,
For thinking and singing god’s name in it takes you to salvation

Somadatha Uvacha:
King Somadatha said:

Namaparamakalyana namasthe Viswa bhavana,
Vasudevaya Shanthaya, yadhoonaam pathaye nama. 15

Salutations to the greatest goodness,
Salutations to he who takes care of the world,
Salutations to Vasudeva, the peaceful and Lord of Yadus.

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