गंगा स्नान सहस्रेशु पुश्कर स्नान कोटिशु । नयत्पापम् लयम् यति स्मृते नश्यति तद् हरौ ।। Those deadly sins that are not washed away even after thousand baths in sacred Ganga and one lakh of baths during pushkaras are washed away merely by chanting the name of Hari. - Brihannaradiya Purana

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Peace Invocations : Vedas and Upanishads : Roman - English

Peace Invocations

Peace Invocation - HD - Darpan
Duration: 5.60 min
Views: 29634
Category: Music

AjjA~Peace Invocation~
Duration: 6.38 min
Views: 731
Category: Music

Peace Invocation in English
Duration: 1.02 min
Views: 41
Category: Nonprofit

Silvia Nakkach - Peace (Invocation)
Duration: 1.70 min
Views: 2795
Category: Music

Invocation Peace (arr Alice Parker) Seattle Girls Choir
Duration: 7.75 min
Views: 1698
Category: Music

Presidential Run Announcement and Peace Invocation
Duration: 6.53 min
Views: 357
Category: News

"Peace Invocation" - Rasa Lila [Kirtan band]
Duration: 3.58 min
Views: 170
Category: Music

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