"As for myself, I look upon all women as my Mother. This is a very pure attitude of mind. There is no risk or danger in it. To look upon a woman as one's sister is also not bad. But the other attitudes are very difficult and dangerous. It is almost impossible to keep to the purity of the ideal." - Sri Ramakrishna

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Practical Lessons In Yoga : Swami Sivananda : English

Practical Lessons In Yoga

Swami Swaroopananda Q&A - How to know if you re close to Enlightenment?
Duration: 8.95 min
Views: 311
Category: Education

Kundalini yoga - Wiki Article
Duration: 9.78 min
Views: 24
Category: Education

Yoga Nidra - Practice
Duration: 19.18 min
Views: 82810
Category: Sports

Health Enhancement
Duration: 7.23 min
Views: 1611
Category: Education

Yoga of Recovery
Duration: 4.28 min
Views: 1054
Category: Education

Tv9 Gujarat - Taiwanese Learns Yoga in Ahmedabad
Duration: 2.82 min
Views: 465
Category: News

Writing Yoga Sutras in Sanskrit
Duration: 4.37 min
Views: 370
Category: Education

Dharma Yoga w/ Mike @ Pranva Yoga Center Part 3(To be Continued in HD)
Duration: 4.65 min
Views: 1494
Category: Entertainment

Documents : Essence : Yoga - Meditation - Spiritual Practice

Documents : Essence

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