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Pratha Smarana Shiva Stotram : - : Roman - English

Pratha Smarana Shiva Stotram

Pratha Smarana Shiva Stotram

Pratha Smarana Shiva Stotram
{Morning Prayer to Lord Shiva}
Translated by P. R. Ramachnder

{Normally a Hindu prays to God as soon as he gets up. These prayers are necessarily short and should make his mind dissolve in devotion to the God. Here is a morning prayer addressed to Lord Shiva.}

Pratha smarami bhava bheethi haram suresam,
Gangadharam vrushabha vahana mambikesam,
Gadwanga soola varadabhaya hastha meesam,
Samsara roga haram oushadha madwitheeyam. 1

In the morning I think the Lord of Gods who removes fear of life,
Who carries the Ganges, who rides on a bull and is the consort of Parvathi,
Who carries sword, spear in two hands, shows protection and blessing with other two.
And who is the matchless medicine of the disease of domestic life.

Prathar namami Gireesam Girijardha deham,
Sarga sthithi pralaya karana madhi devam,
Visweswaram vijitha viswamanobhiramam,
Samsara roga hara moushadha madwitheeyam. 2

In the morning I salute the lord of the mountain, who shares half body with Parvathi,
Who is the primeval God of cause upkeep and destruction,
Who is the lord of universe, conqueror of universe and stealer of mind,
And who is the matchless medicine of the disease of domestic life.

Prathar bhajami Shiva meka manantha maadhyam,
Vedantha vedhya managham purusham mahantham,
Namadhi beda rahitham, shad bhava soonyam,
Samsara roga hara moushadha madwitheeyam. 3

In the morning I pray Lord Shiva who was the first and has no end,
Who is the great person studied by Vedantha and is invaluable,
Who does not have specific names or differences,
Who is not having the six states of existence,
And who is the matchless medicine of the disease of domestic life.

Pratha samuthaye Shivam vichinthya.
Sloka thrayam ye anudinam padanthi,
They dukhajatham bahu janma sachitham,
Hithwa padam yanthi thadeva shambho. 4

He who gets up early morning thinking of Shiva,
And reads daily these three stanzas,
Gets rid of the sorrows collected over various births,
And reaches the feet of the great Lord Shiva.

Pratha Smarana Shiva Stotram

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