"A spring cushion is squeezed down when one sits upon it, but it soon resumes its original shape when the pressure is removed. So it is with worldly men. They are full of religious sentiments, so long as they hear religious talks; but no sooner do they enter into the daily routine of the world, than they forget all those high and noble thoughts, and become as impure as before." - Sri Ramakrishna

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Navratri Puja Vidhi

easy navratri puja vidhi | how to do ghata sthapana | durga puja | devi puja at home
Duration: 11.05 min
Views: 43326
Category: Travel

Navaratri- Worship of Goddess (Hindi)
Duration: 4.68 min
Views: 18901
Category: Howto

Durga puja 1#01130422701
Duration: 8.88 min
Views: 551
Category: People

Durga Puja 2010 / Ghat Sthapana / Kalash Sthapana / Navratri
Duration: 2.03 min
Views: 5413
Category: People

Navratri(2011) Vrat and poojan vidhi (Special saptami Yoga)--Asaram ji Bapu 6th April Morning 2011
Duration: 5.98 min
Views: 6340
Category: People

Navratri par Kya Kare What & How To Do Devi Puja In Navratri.
Duration: 27.83 min
Views: 1810
Category: Tech

Shakti Dhyan with Pooja Vidhi By Anuradha Paudwal I Navdurga Stuti
Duration: 4.70 min
Views: 4949
Category: Entertainment

Ghat Stapana Vidhi.mpg
Duration: 4.65 min
Views: 2920
Category: Education

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