कलि कालकुसर्पस्य तीक्शणदंश्ट्रास्य मा भयम् । गोविंद नाम धनेन धग्दो यस्यति भस्मतम् ।। I see that Kaliyuga is like a black, poisonous snake with a gaping mouth and fangs. But please be unperturbed dear devotees and listen with faith. Once the holy name of the Lord is being chanted, it is like igniting a forest fire which will burn to ashes the poisonous snakes within the forest. - Skanda Purana

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Navratri Puja Vidhi

easy navratri puja vidhi | how to do ghata sthapana | durga puja | devi puja at home
Duration: 11.05 min
Views: 43326
Category: Travel

Navaratri- Worship of Goddess (Hindi)
Duration: 4.68 min
Views: 18901
Category: Howto

Durga puja 1#01130422701
Duration: 8.88 min
Views: 551
Category: People

Durga Puja 2010 / Ghat Sthapana / Kalash Sthapana / Navratri
Duration: 2.03 min
Views: 5413
Category: People

Navratri(2011) Vrat and poojan vidhi (Special saptami Yoga)--Asaram ji Bapu 6th April Morning 2011
Duration: 5.98 min
Views: 6340
Category: People

Navratri par Kya Kare What & How To Do Devi Puja In Navratri.
Duration: 27.83 min
Views: 1810
Category: Tech

Shakti Dhyan with Pooja Vidhi By Anuradha Paudwal I Navdurga Stuti
Duration: 4.70 min
Views: 4949
Category: Entertainment

Ghat Stapana Vidhi.mpg
Duration: 4.65 min
Views: 2920
Category: Education

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