"Unborn and uncreated, without beginning and without end, deathless, birthless and omnipresent — that is what I am; and all misery comes just because I think this little lump of clay is myself. I am identifying myself with matter and taking all the consequences." - Swami Vivekananda

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Puja - Worship The Hindu Way

How to Have a Puja at Home
Duration: 3.40 min
Views: 81345
Category: Howto

Why did I feel compelled to worship idols & perform Hindu pujas during 30 years with Yogi Bhajan?
Duration: 15.13 min
Views: 1195
Category: News

(13) Hinduism Path- Murti Puja-Idol Worship
Duration: 8.27 min
Views: 409
Category: Education

Morning Sri Guru-puja....worship of Sri Guru....
Duration: 1.78 min
Views: 82
Category: Education

GO POOJA-Cow Worship
Duration: 0.53 min
Views: 1118
Category: Nonprofit

Gurmukh Kaur worships Hindu gods yet SikhNet promotes her as a keynote speaker at Peace Prayer Day
Duration: 15.13 min
Views: 64
Category: News

SikhNet video-" Why Do " White Sikhs " Perform Idol Worship ?" Gursikhs reply to SikhNet video
Duration: 14.43 min
Views: 621
Category: News

Videos : Devotional : Pujas - Articles

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