अश्टादश पुराणेशु व्यासेन वचनद्वयं । परोपकारः पुण्याय पापाय परपीडनं ।। The essence of all the 18 puranas is: Helping others is Punya (merit) and troubling others is Paapa (sin). - Maharishi Ved Vyasa

Quotes : Swami Vivekananda : Money and Fame

"Fortune is like a flirt; she cares not for him who wants her, but she is at the feet of him who does not care for her. Money comes and showers itself upon one who does not care for it; so does fame come in abundance until it is a trouble and a burden. They always come to the Master. The slave never gets anything. The Master is he who can live in spite of them, whose life does not depend upon the little, foolish things of the world." - Swami Vivekananda

Quotes : Swami Vivekananda


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