"Always free on the spiritual plane; never free on the mental and physical — hence the struggle." - Swami Vivekananda

Quotes : Essence of Hinduism : Knowledge

न हि ग्यानेन सद्रुशम् ।। Knowledge is supreme. - Krishna, Bhagavad Gita 4.38
ङ्ञानदेवतु कैवल्यं । Gnyana (Knowledge of the Divine) is the path to Kaivalya (Moksha - Salvation)
न चोरहर्यं न राजहर्यं । न भ्रातृभाज्यं न च भारकारी । व्यये कृते वर्धते एव नित्यं । विद्याधनं सर्वधनप्रधानम ॥ na chorahaaryam na cha raajahaaryam । na bhraatibhaajyam na chabhaarakaari । vyaye kRite vardhata eva nityam । vidyaadhanam sarvadhanapradhaanam ॥ It cannot be stolen by thieves, Nor can it be taken away by kings. It cannot be divided among brothers, It does not cause a load on your shoulders. If spent.., It indeed always keeps growing. The wealth of knowledge.., Is the most superior wealth of all!
"Hinduism is the perennial philosophy that is at the core of all religions." - Aldous Huxley
"Religious faith in the case of the Hindus has never been allowed to run counter to scientific laws. Moreover, the former is never made a condition for the knowledge they teach but there are always scrupulously careful to take into consideration the possibility that by reason both the agnostic and atheist may attain truth in their own way. Such tolerance may be surprising to religious believers in the West but it is an integral part of Vedantic belief." - Romain Rolland
"The vastest knowledge of today cannot transcend the "Buddhi" (Intellectual understanding) of the Rishis in ancient India; and science in its most advanced stage now is closer to Vedanta than ever before." - Alfred North Whitehead

Quotes : Essence of Hinduism


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