"Some one said, 'When my boy Harish grows up, I will get him married, and give him the charge of the family; I shall then renounce the world, and begin to practise Yoga.' At this a Sâdhu remarked, 'You will never find any opportunity of practising Yoga (devotion). You will say afterwards, "Harish and Girish are too much attached to me. They do not like to leave my company as yet." Then you will desire perhaps, "Let Harish have a son, and let me see that son married." And thus there will be no end of your desires.'" - Sri Ramakrishna

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Rama Tirtha - Parables Of Rama : Swami Rama Tirath : English

Rama Tirtha - Parables Of Rama

Swami Rama Tirtha - AUDIOBOOK - In Woods of God Realization Vol 1
Duration: 33.00 min
Views: 927
Category: People

Duration: 1.85 min
Views: 1089
Category: Nonprofit

Swami Ram Tirtha s Song
Duration: 5.87 min
Views: 3184
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Life and Work of Swami Ram Tirtha - Sw Arun (1 of 8)
Duration: 9.57 min
Views: 3740
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In Woods of God-Realization Volume 2 by Swami Rama Tirtha 2 of 2
Duration: 449.18 min
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Parables Of Swami Rama Tirtha 2 of 2
Duration: 146.93 min
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3 Great Discoveries of our Land - Part 2 by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha
Duration: 13.78 min
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National Anthem At Swami Ram Tirtha
Duration: 1.13 min
Views: 41
Category: Education

Documents : Essence : Gurus - Saints - Sages

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