"The Vedas and the Upanishads are India's proudest and most ancient possessions. They are the world's oldest intellectual legacies. They are the only composition in the universe invested with Divine origin and almost Divine sanctity. They are said to emanate from God and are held to be the means for attaining God. Their beginnings are not known. They have been heirlooms of the Hindus from generation to generation from time immemorial." - Hans Torwesten German

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Realization Through Devotion

Self-Realization through Body-Work or the Path of Devotion - Greg Goode
Duration: 6.25 min
Views: 3453
Category: Education

WHAT IS devotion-part -2 ( 22. Path to self realization /Enlightenment)
Duration: 14.90 min
Views: 525
Category: People

Song Calling the Wisdom Dakini. Dzinpa Rangdrol.
Duration: 5.33 min
Views: 1645
Category: Education

WHAT IS faith & devotion-part-1 ( 21. Path to self realization /Enlightenment)
Duration: 15.23 min
Views: 1076
Category: People

Homo Spiritus Devotional Nonduality Series (Realization Audio Book
Duration: 5.03 min
Views: 69
Category: Entertainment

Daniel Holeman A life-long exploration of consciousness and devotion to self-realization.
Duration: 27.12 min
Views: 465
Category: Entertainment

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami - Hare Krishna Mantra Chant Full Album
Duration: 31.97 min
Views: 115
Category: Music

God Realization through Sahaj Marg (Part- 1) (In English).
Duration: 9.23 min
Views: 6218
Category: Music

Videos : Devotional : Introduction

Videos : Devotional

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