"The faith-healers of India order their patients to repeat with full conviction the words, 'There is no illness in me, there is no illness at all.' The patient repeats it, and, thus mentally denying, the illness goes off. So if you think yourself to be morally weak and without goodness, you will really find yourself to be so in no time. Know and believe that you are of immense power, and the power will come to you at last." - Sri Ramakrishna

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Sakuntala Of Kalidasa Translation

"Shakuntala" by Kalidasa
Duration: 1.92 min
Views: 6960
Category: Entertainment

Bharat Ek Khoj - Episode 19 - Kalidasa - Part 2
Duration: 46.97 min
Views: 1279
Category: Education

Kālidāsa - Wiki Article
Duration: 11.27 min
Views: 20
Category: Education

The story of Kalidas For Kids
Duration: 5.55 min
Views: 6490
Category: Film

Meghdoot Poorvamegh V 11 to 20
Duration: 8.68 min
Views: 124
Category: Education

Meghaduta MOLNBUDET av Kalidasa 3/11
Duration: 6.90 min
Views: 36
Category: People

Franco Alfano La leggenda di Sakùntala atto I (1/5)
Duration: 13.67 min
Views: 1437
Category: Music

Inayat Khan - Sakuntala before Shiva (Musical illustrations) Video #2 of 3
Duration: 8.00 min
Views: 550
Category: Music

Videos : Miscellaneous : Ancient India

Videos : Miscellaneous

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