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Satyarth Prakash - Contents : Swami Dayanand : English

Satyarth Prakash

Written by Vedic Scholar Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati

We repeatedly bow unto God Who is a true personification of Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss.



This book is divided into 14 Chapters. Out of these the first ten constitute the first Part, while the remaining four form the second Part. But the last two Chapters and "A Statement of my Beliefs" were, through some cause, left out in the first edition and have been incorporated into this edition.

Chapter I is an exposition of “Om” and other names of God.
Chapter II treats of the upbringing of children.Chapter treats of the upbringing of children.
Chapter III treats of Brahmacharya, the duties and qualifications of scholars and teachers, good and bad books and the scheme of studies.
Chapter IV treats of marriage and married life.
Chapter V treats of Vanaprastha, (the Order of Asceticism) and of Sanyas Ashrama (the Order of Renunciation).
Chapter VI treats of Raj Dharma (Science of Government).
Chapter VII treats of the Veda and God.
Chapter VIII treats of the Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution of the Universe.
Chapter IX treats of knowledge and ignorance, and emancipation and bondage.
Chapter X treats of Conduct – desirable and undesirable, and of Diet –permissible and forbidden.
Chapter XI contains a criticism of the various religions and sects prevailing in India.
Chapter XII treats of the Charvaka, Buddha (Buddhist) and Jain religions.
Chapter XIII treats of Christianity.
Chapter XIV treats of Muhammadanism.

At the end of the book we have given a summary of the teachings of the Eternal Vedic Religion which we profess.

The aim of the author in writing this book

My chief aim in writing this book is to unfold truth. I have expounded truth as truth and error as error. The exposition of error in place of truth and of truth in place of error does not constitute the unfolding of truth.

UDEYPUR, 1939 Vikram
(A.D. 1882)

Satyarth Prakash - Contents

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Documents : Essence : Satyarth Prakash

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