महर्शीनाम् भ्रुगुरहम् गिरामास्मैकमक्शरम् । यङ्ञनाम् जपयङ्ञोस्मि स्तावरनाम् हिमालया ।। Oh Arjuna, among maharshis, I am Brigu. Among the Bhijaksharas, I am OM. Among Yagnas, I am the Japa Yagna and Himalayas among the mountains. - Krishna, Bhagavad Gita 10.25

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Scientific Dating Of Ramayana And Vedas

Duration: 10.45 min
Views: 377
Category: Education

Dwarka India - 12000 Year Old City of Lord Krishna Found - *Full*
Duration: 48.33 min
Views: 659498
Category: Education

Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge
Duration: 29.40 min
Views: 752
Category: Film

TV9 Special- Lord Rama s Date of Birth Scientifically Calculated in "Rama Janma Rahasya" - Full
Duration: 23.72 min
Views: 1317
Category: News

Vimanas- ancient flying machines of India
Duration: 13.65 min
Views: 295934
Category: Tech

Is Rama just a Myth or really a historical Figure? Lets Find it out
Duration: 38.45 min
Views: 20540
Category: Education

Dvaraka Giant Underwater City found in India
Duration: 9.60 min
Views: 23675
Category: Travel

Historical Rama Book
Duration: 1.83 min
Views: 378
Category: Nonprofit

Videos : Miscellaneous : Ancient India

Videos : Miscellaneous

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