"The naked Sage, Totâpuri, used to say, 'If a brass pot be not rubbed daily, it will get rusty. So if a man does not contemplate the Deity daily, his heart will grow impure.' To him Srî Râmakrishna replied, 'Yes, but if the vessel be of gold, it does not require daily cleaning. The man who has reached God requires prayers or penances no more.'" - Sri Ramakrishna

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Scientific Information In Ancient Sanskrit Literature

Ancient Sanskrit Knowledge and Cosmic Hierarchy
Duration: 77.52 min
Views: 62200
Category: Education

Dwarka India - 12000 Year Old City of Lord Krishna Found - *Full*
Duration: 48.33 min
Views: 659498
Category: Education

India s Achievements - Ancient India ( Art Paintings Sculptures Literature Math Science)
Duration: 1.88 min
Views: 6624
Category: Education

Vedic pseudoscience challenged at IIT Madras - Part 2
Duration: 21.43 min
Views: 1531
Category: Tech

Contribution of Maharashtra to Sanskrit Literature (Full Speech)
Duration: 25.00 min
Views: 839
Category: Nonprofit

How Our Sanskrit Literature was Destroyed & Distorted by Foreign Invaders Explained by Rajiv Dixit
Duration: 5.87 min
Views: 678
Category: Nonprofit

Merlin s Magic - Yoga & Ayurveda 2005 [HD]
Duration: 64.38 min
Views: 731
Category: Music

Sanskrit Language- The Most Scientific Ancient Spiritual - 2
Duration: 9.80 min
Views: 48282
Category: Tech

Videos : Miscellaneous : Ancient India

Videos : Miscellaneous

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