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Sri Pada Sapthathi - 4 : - : Roman - English

Sri Pada Sapthathi

Sri Pada Sapthathi

No kesa paramasraya sumanasaam padabhja renuscha they,
No mandarasitha param smitha ruchir manjeerayosya thwayee,
No bahu kalahamsamethya jayathi thwad dyana leelapyasou,
No shumbhathalaksha mananamitham Padambhujam chambike. 55

Oh Goddess, Your hair is the ultimate home of scented flowers,
The shine of your smile shines white like the Mandara flowers,
Your hands not only attain the war but also win them,
And your face shines, is pretty due to confusion and has pretty eyes.
The dust of your lotus like feet is the home of Devas,
The two anklets of your feet make slow pleasing sounds,
The prettiness of the gait of your feet defeats the royal swans,
And your feet shines extremely with the colour of the lac applied there

Nadhhe thavakavaaha simhachalithaaswath pada mole nathaa,
Noonam bhabhra murabhramu Priya mukha, dikkumbhii veeraschiram,
No chedhesha kadham thadhunnathasira sindhoora sandhohajo,
Ragasthe charanambhuje parinamannadhyapi vidhhyothathe. 56

Oh Goddess of all, It is known that steeds like Airavatha,
Have saluted your feet and ran away ;long ago,
Because they were scared of your lion steed,
If it is not so, how is it that the redness of the saffron of the head,**
Of the eight elephants guarding the directions,
Shine even today as the redness of your feet?
** Saffron colour is believed to come out of the heads of great elephants.

(Airavatha, Pundareeka, Vamana, Kumudha, Anjana, Pushpadantha, Sarvabhouma and Supradheeka are those eight elephants)

Thwath padhoyamajasrithascha ruchira sparsasaanvitho Yoginaa-
Mantha sdhakruthi rooshmabhaakcha mahishapradhwamsanaprakrame,
Yevam khalvakhilaaksharathma kamamum shailendra kanya kadham,
Bhashanthe natha varga bandhuum apavargaalambhanam vaa janaa. 57

Oh, daughter of he king of mountains, Your feet have been,
Depended upon by Lord Brahma and has a very soft touch,
And it is also within the minds of great yogis,
And shines with the fame of killing Mahishasura,
And will people describe that eternal and universal feet,
As the one which gives protection to those who salute it or as a source of salvation.

Unmeelankhamanda leeheemakana sonaprabhakairikam,
Bhibhrana parishobha mana katako bhooyovanaikasraya,
Gayathsidha vadhoonishevithathala padasthvadheeya shive,
Raajathyesha himadhri pada vadhidham yuktham himadhre suthe. 58

Oh daughter of Himalayas, your feet shines like the foot of Himalayas,
While your feet has the row of shining nails,
The Himalaya mountain has row of shining dew drops,
While your feet carries the red coloured Girija,
The foot of the mountain carries the red shining mountain parts,
While your feet is adorned by the very much shining anklets,
The foot of the mountain is adorned by the shining mountain slopes,
While your feet is the place of refuge which protects the devotees,
The foot of the mountain is the place of refuge of many forests,
And your feet is the place where sidha maidens sing and come to do service,
The Mountain is the place where Sidhas live with their singing wives,
And thus your feet and the Himalaya mountains are very similar.

Dig balair dasapi prudhak prudha gayam thwath padayor arpitho,
Drusyo bhakthyanuraga yeva dasadha sonangulee sri mishath,
Padabhyamapi thaan prathi prakatithaa noonam prasadangura,
Drushyanthe nakha kanthi pankthi dasa kavyaajena Shailathmaje. 59

Oh daughter of the great mountain, the guardians of ten directions,
Separately have dedicated great love and devotion towards your feet,
And this is shown by the shining ten fingers of your feet,
And the blessings of your feet which are showered on them,
Is also seen clearly by the row of shining ten nails, as a reason..

{Dig Palakas (guardians of directions) are normally eight in number and they are
East - Indra, South East - Fire, South - Yama, South West - Niruthi, West - Varuna,
North West - Vayu or Wind, North - Kubhera and North West - Eesana. The poet has added
Two more to this list viz Up - Brahma and Down - Adhi Sesha who carries the world. The next 10 stanzas are prayers of these guardians to the feet of the goddess.}

Meghaanaam kulisasya chaprathihathaa dhaaraa kramaantham chiram,
No drusyetha dhaanavaari vibhavo nakasya nagasya cha,
Puthrosyam mama sainikascha dhadhathaam nithyam jayantha sukham,
Thwad padambhujapaathina surapatheritham jayandhyarthanaa. 60

Oh Goddess, I, Indra, the guardian of the east pray to you like this,
Let the clouds and thunders grow in numbers without problems,
Let heaven and my steed Iravatha not be disgraced by the Rakshasas,
Let Jayantha, my son and my army which sees only victory be always happy,
And these prayers of me (Indra) would get victory only by your grace.

AAjyaa saktha karai rdwijanmabhiraham hooyeya no danavai,
Swaharochithamasthu parswamanisam thaadruk cha havyam mama,
Rakshaavanithi bhoothimanithicha may sabdhaprasidhyaa shive,
Nopekshyohamithi twadangri namane jeeyasuragnegiraa. 61

Oh Goddess Shivaa, Agni the guard of south east prays like this at your feet,
Let me be propitiated by Brahmins whose hands are drenched with ghee,
But not by Rakshasas who hold the bow and arrow in their hands,
Let my wife Swaha shine by my side always and without break,
Let me get my offerings (Havya) when I shine with Swaha,
And I who am famous as strong and wealthy should not be disregarded by you,*
(*another meaning of this line is
And because I am notorious as one who turns all in to ashes, your feet is my only refuge.)
And by grace all my above prayers be fully realized.

Thwadbhakthaagama budhi poorva likhitham syachedaksha medhaa Shive,
Kanthasthe mayi roshavaan kuru punasthasyardhra bhavam sanai,
Devi thwam mahishabhihanthri chakitham thrayasva may vahanam,
Kalasyethi jayanthi they padanathou lolasya samprarthana. 62

Oh Goddess Shivaa, Lord Yama the guardian of south prays like this at your feet,
If my clerk Chithraguptha has written without thought,
The sins of your devotees in his account book, please forgive me,
And Oh Goddess, you killed an asura in the buffalo form and,
So please save my buffalo steed which is afraid of you,
And let these prayers done with remorse become true.

Dharmacharaparoaya mithyavamatho rakshobhirekanvaye,
Mahyam Veda vinindhithaam disa madhrjathi dwishaschamaraa,
Daivadhithyubhayachyutho visarano rakshyohamithyadhaya,
Thwath pada pranathou jayanthi nir ruthethyaakulaa prathanaa,. 63

Oh Goddess, Lord Nirruthi,* the guardian of south west prays like this at your feet,
I am being insulted by Rakshasas of my clan as one who follows Dharma,
And the Gods have allotted me the south west which is shunned by the Vedas,
And so I, due to my bad luck am shunned by both these groups and,
I do not have any other protection except your lotus like feet,
And Let these prayers of Nirruthi done with great sorrow become true.
* Nirruthi is a rakhshasa unlike other guardians.

Mathputhryaa mama vaa mukundagrahathaabhahgyam na samksheeyatham,
Maham payishi kumbhajena munina kalpantha suryena vaa,
Dhwedhaa may sura vaahini dhayithathaa, sadhu thwaya rakshyatham,
Thwat padambhuja pathino jala paderitham jayandhyarthana. 64

Oh Goddess, :Lord Varuna the guardian of the west prays like this at your feet,
Let me and my daughter Goddess Lakshmi* be able to live in Vaikunta happily,
Let Sage Agasthya** born out of a pot not drink me away completely,
And let at the time of deluge, let me not be dried by those torrid twelve suns,
And also please save of my position of consort of Mandakini,
And also my position of being the chief of army of devas.
And let these prayers of Varuna, the god of waters become true.
* Lakshmi was born out of water
** Once he drank the entire waters of the seas.

Viswapranamayee thwameva mama thu prahurjagat praanathaam,
Sarvasyaapi sada gahirhi bhavathi mamevamahurjanaa,
Lajjapadamaka meedrusam janani na kim kurmahe pahi maam,
Mithyevam pavanasya they padanathoiu vacho jayanthyakula. 65

Oh mother, Lord Vayu the guardian of the north west prays like this at your feet,
Though you are the soul of all beings, people say that I am their soul breath,
Though you are always the ultimate place of salvation (gathi),
People say that I am always roaming and moving (sada gathi),
And these meaningless praise of people makes me ashamed
And I know I am helpless to do anything and so protect me,
And let these prayers done by God Vayu with remorse become true.

Shankhollasi galojjwale samakare padhyena kunda smithe,
Padagradrutha kachape muka maha padme mukundasrithe,
Ithyasmannigathree neela nayane charchathmike pahi maam,
Yitham padanadheeshive vijayathe sakhyu Kubhrerasyathe. 66

Oh Goddess, Kubhera who guards the northern side prays like this,
Please save me oh goddess, who has the treasure Shankha playing on her neck,
Who holds the treasure Maha Padma in her hands,
Who has a smile which is similar to the treasure Kunda,
Who has the treasure Kachapa waiting below her feet with devotion,
Who has a face like treasure Mahapadma,
Who is depended upon by the treasure Mukunda,
Whose eyes are the treasure Neela,
And who applies the treasure Vara as the scent in her body
And thus has all nine treasures which I am supposed to have,
Thus prays Kubhera,who is your friend so that his prayer is fulfilled.

Or alternatively
Oh Goddess, Kubhera who guards the northern said prays like this,
Please save me oh goddess who has a neck as white as the conch,
Who has two hands which are like the lotus flower,
Who shines with a smile with her jasmine bud like teeth,
Who has a tortoise sitting near her legs,
Whose face is like a fully opened lotus flower,
Who is completely depended on by Lord Vishnu,
Who has eyes which are like the blue lotus flowers,
Who is in the hearts of every one as thought,
And thus who has a body which is a treasure house,
Thus prays Kubhera who is your friend so that his prayer is fulfilled.
(Kubhera the God of riches is supposed to posses these nine riches.)

Sannameshu bhavad padambhuja nakhacchayaam jata sangineem,
Gangethyaalijanaa vadanthi vithadham maa bhoormadhaa kopini,
Drushtim mayyapaneeyathaam parushamapyekam vaco dheeyatha,
Meesanastha bhavanee they padanadhavitham jayanthyathana. 67

Oh Bhavani, Eesana who guards the north east salutes your feet and prays thus,
When you are angry and not speaking and when I am saluting you,
The image of your nails falls on my hairs,
And people tell a lie that it is the river Ganges,
But please do not be angry with me unnecessarily
and please send your glances on me,
And at least tell one word even if it is in anger, and fulfill my prayers.

Nabheethobhava madhisthava bhalath pakshaadhabhithosyaham,
Thrayakshena trimukee kruthopi chathurasyo aham thavaiva sthavai,
Thwam vishwathmathayopajanya na puna srashataramaakhyaahi maa-
Mitham Devi jayanthi they padanathou vaneepaather vanaya. 68

Oh Goddess, this is the prayer of Lord Brahma, the consort of Vani,
I was born with fear and unstable being on a lotus grown on a belly,
But due to the strength of your blessing I became fearless,
And though I was made with three heads by Lord Parameshwara,*
Because I recited your prayers, I actually became one with four heads,
Which were made capable of reciting all the four Vedas by you,
And if you who are spread every where refer to me as the creator,
The great people who know the truth would make fun of me,
And let these words of mine become true by your grace.
*Parameshwara actually removed the fourth head of the five headed Brahma.

Aaseerasthi mukhe vidambhayathi maam bhooyopi chase spruha,
Bhogaa santhi sahasthradhaa punaraham bhogaan kadham prarthaye,
Seshoham spruhayamya sesha sukha mithyethascha hasaspadam,
Nadhe chinthaya samyagithyahipathesthwad pada patho Jayeth. 69

Oh goddess, this is the prayer of Adhisesha, prostrating at your feet,
I have poisonous teeth (all good things) from the very beginning,
And so the wish that I should have more wealth makes people laugh at me,
I have comforts (snakes) in thousands with me,
And so how can I pray for more pleasures,
I am sesha (what is remaining)
And suppose I wish for limitless pleasures (asesha).
Then also people will laugh at me,
Oh goddess please think about this,
These are my only prayers and let them be fulfilled.
(Since you have blessed me with everything, my prayer would be meaningless and so please give me what you think is needed further by me.)

Parvathya padamathra drusyamithi vaa pade bhavathwena vaa,
Sadhuthwatha dhupasthaye hitha thayaa padyanmuni sphutam,
Saishaa mukthipuri gireendra thanayaa bhakthena narayane,
Naabadhhaa sapthathir disathu va kalyana hallohalam. 70

These verses extolling the feet of goddess Parvathi,
Have been written as a poem with four lines each,
And provides help for the devotees to pray, the feet of Parvathi,
And has been written by Narayana who lives in Mukthipuri,
And is a great devotee of the daughter of the king of mountain,
And let these verses grant all good things for devotees reciting it.

Sri Pada Sapthathi - 4

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