"When grains are measured out to the purchaser in the granary of a rich merchant, the measurer unceasingly goes on measuring, while the attending women supply him with basket-fulls of grain from the main store. The measurer does not leave his seat, while the women incessantly supply him with grain. But a small grocer has neither such attendants, nor is his store so inexhaustible. Similarly, it is God Himself who is constantly inspiring thoughts and sentiments in the hearts of His devotees, and that is the reason why the latter are never in lack of new and wise thoughts and sentiments; while, on the other hand, the book-learned, like petty grocers, soon find that their thoughts have become exhausted." - Sri Ramakrishna

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Sri Ramana Maharshi - Collected Works : Sri Ramanasramam : English

Sri Ramana Maharshi - Collected Works

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi - Films d archive
Duration: 65.53 min
Views: 118882
Category: Nonprofit

Talks With Sri Ramana Maharshi.
Duration: 14.18 min
Views: 452672
Category: Education

RAMANA MAHARSHI-Documental Arunachala Shiva (subt. español)
Duration: 72.40 min
Views: 924
Category: Tech

Abode of Lord Shiva and Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
Duration: 1.68 min
Views: 174
Category: Education

☮ Releif of Anxiety ☮ The Joker ☮ * Alan Watts
Duration: 5.15 min
Views: 1650
Category: Entertainment

Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi rare video
Duration: 6.43 min
Views: 442629
Category: People

RAMANA-David Godman part 1 www.sacredindia.info for the movie
Duration: 8.08 min
Views: 16351
Category: People

Ramana Maharshi s 40 Verses on Reality - Part 3 of 4
Duration: 8.68 min
Views: 4215
Category: Education

Documents : Essence : Introduction

Documents : Essence

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