"A born farmer does not leave off tilling the soil, though it may not rain for twelve consecutive years, while a merchant who has but lately taken himself to the plough is discouraged by one season of drought. The true believer is never discouraged, if even with his lifelong devotion he fails to see God." - Sri Ramakrishna

Videos : Devotional : Shiva - Bhajans

Sri Shivchalisa

Shiv Chalisa Gulshan Kumar with Subtitles I Shri Somnath Amritwani
Duration: 9.87 min
Views: 34247
Category: Entertainment

Shiva Chalisa ( Devotional Song ) by Suresh Wadkar
Duration: 10.87 min
Views: 406378
Category: Music

Shiv Chalisa
Duration: 10.97 min
Views: 348375
Category: Music

Sri Shiv Chalisa
Duration: 8.77 min
Views: 12
Category: Education

Sri Shiv Chalisa & Sahastranam
Duration: 29.50 min
Views: 13
Category: Education

SHIV Chalisa
Duration: 16.08 min
Views: 25084
Category: Music

Shiv Chalisa Full - Best
Duration: 11.07 min
Views: 262384
Category: Music

Shri Shiv Chalisa
Duration: 9.68 min
Views: 23
Category: Nonprofit

Videos : Devotional : Shiva - Bhajans

Videos : Devotional

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