कलि कालकुसर्पस्य तीक्शणदंश्ट्रास्य मा भयम् । गोविंद नाम धनेन धग्दो यस्यति भस्मतम् ।। I see that Kaliyuga is like a black, poisonous snake with a gaping mouth and fangs. But please be unperturbed dear devotees and listen with faith. Once the holy name of the Lord is being chanted, it is like igniting a forest fire which will burn to ashes the poisonous snakes within the forest. - Skanda Purana

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Sri Shivchalisa

Shiv Chalisa Gulshan Kumar with Subtitles I Shri Somnath Amritwani
Duration: 9.87 min
Views: 34247
Category: Entertainment

Shiva Chalisa ( Devotional Song ) by Suresh Wadkar
Duration: 10.87 min
Views: 406378
Category: Music

Shiv Chalisa
Duration: 10.97 min
Views: 348375
Category: Music

Sri Shiv Chalisa
Duration: 8.77 min
Views: 12
Category: Education

Sri Shiv Chalisa & Sahastranam
Duration: 29.50 min
Views: 13
Category: Education

SHIV Chalisa
Duration: 16.08 min
Views: 25084
Category: Music

Shiv Chalisa Full - Best
Duration: 11.07 min
Views: 262384
Category: Music

Shri Shiv Chalisa
Duration: 9.68 min
Views: 23
Category: Nonprofit

Videos : Devotional : Shiva - Bhajans

Videos : Devotional

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