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Sundara Kandam - 04

Sundara Kandam - 04


Seeing of Mandodhari

(This chapter gives further description of the harem of Ravana, It gives a vivid description of Ravana, his women and his wife Mandodhari.It ends describing the happy Hanuman who mistook Mandodari for Sita)

Hanuman who was searching there, saw a cot, which was fit to be in the land of Devas, which was great, which had special parts made of gold and ivory, which had bed covers inlaid with diamonds, which had extremely costly special seats and which was fully decorated by gems and crystals. 1-2

He also saw a particular very special seat which was decorated all over by gold, which was shining like sun, which was very broad and which had all things which end sorrow 3

On one side of the seat he saw a very special umbrella, which glittered like the moon and which was decorated by many very special garlands. 4

On all four sides women were fanning the cot with white fan with soft bristles, it was scented by collection of many perfumes, several incense generating smoke were wafting about it, very precious bed sheets made of wool and hides covered it and all around it was decorated by garlands made of several rare flowers. 5-6

That monkey chief Hanuman saw on the shining bed on the cot, the Chief of Rakshasas, who was of the colour of deep black cloud, who was wearing special glittering ear studs, who was having red eyes, who was having very long hands, who was wearing cloths with golden zari, who had applied the highly perfumed paste of red sandal, who wore precious ornaments which was like the streaks of lightning in the red clouded sky of the dusk, who was handsome, who could assume any form that he wished, who was equal to the immobile Mandhara mountain with its several trees and bushes, who wore several pretty ornaments, who was tired after love play during the night, who was the darling of Rakshasa ladies, who created pleasant life to the Rakshasas and who was not showing the effect of alcohol that he has drunk. 7-11

Nearing Ravana, who was like a hissing serpent, Hanuman, who could even scare very strong people, was scared and confused and stepped back. 12

Afterwards that monkey chief Hanuman climbed a stairs reached another hall and from there carefully examined the sleeping king of Rakshasas. 13

That costly bed on which the chief of Rakshasas was sleeping looked like garden in which an elephant was sleeping after trampling over it. 14

He saw the two hands of the Rakshasa king, which was attached to his golden shoulders, which were long, which were like the flags of Indra, which had scars made by the tusks of elephant Iravatha, which were starting from his thick shoulders having the scars made by Vajrayudha, which was having the wounds made by Vishnu’s wheel, which was attached to his equal and thick shoulders, which had good hands and fingers, which had ideally shaped fingers and thumb, which were able and were like iron bars, which were round and resembled the trunk of an elephant, which were lying on the clean bed and which were like five headed serpents. 15-18

He looked at his two hands which were well covered with specially cold specially scented sandal wood which was as red as the blood of rabbits, which were decorated, which was applied with mixture of several scents, which was massaged by great ladies, which used to make devas, yakshas, Pannagas, gandarwas and Danavas weep, which were kept on the bed and which resembled pythons sleeping on both his sides. 19-21

That mountain like Rakshasa with his two hands shined like the perfectly shaped Mandhara Mountain with its two peaks. 22

The breath of the sleeping king of rakshasas which was having the sweet smelling scent of mango flower, pongamia flower and Vakula flower, which was having the smell of many food items and which was having the reeking smell of alcoholic drinks spread throughout that area, came out of his very big mouth. 23-24

Hanuman saw in that hall, Ravana who was shining with a slightly out of place crown made of precious gems and pearls, who was having a glittering face because of his ear studs, who was having a fat long and broad chest applied with the paste of red sandal which was shining because of his garlands, who was wearing a white silk upper cloth which was slipping down, who was wearing a very costly yellow silk, who was having red eyes, who appeared as if he was a mountain made of black gram, who was breathing like a serpent, who was like a royal elephant sleeping in the river Ganges amidst huge crowds, who was having the entire body shining by the light provided by golden lamps, who was like a cloud lit on all four sides by streaks of lightning, who was a great individual and who was having love towards his wife ,.sleeping along with his wives who slept at the corners of his feet. 25-30

He saw many of them(wives) who were having shining faces like the moon, who were wearing pretty ear studs, and who were wearing flower garlands which never fade. 31

He also saw some experts in dance and music who were seated and wearing the great ornaments worn by Ravana on his shoulders and lap. 32

He saw them wearing shoulder bangles of molten gold and ear studs made of diamond and other precious stones. 33

Due to their pretty glittering ear studs and faces like moon, that Vimana was shining like the sky because of a collection of stars. 34

Those narrow hipped ladies of Ravana were sleeping in various places due to tiresomeness caused by various exercises like lovemaking. 35

One lady was sleeping in the dancing pose with pretty Mudhras(symbols) shown by her hands and with many of her pretty parts exposed. 36

One lady who was sleeping embracing the Veena looked like a boat afloat in a mighty river, which was tied by the tendrils of Lotus plant. 37

A black eyed sleeping beauty with the Madduka (a type of drum) kept in her armpits,
looked like a mother with her darling baby. 38

Another lady with very pretty breasts who was also pretty all over was sleeping embracing a drum and looked like a lady embracing her husband whom she has met after a very long separation. 39

Another lotus-eyed beauty was asleep embracing the Veena and appeared as if she had met her boy friend when nobody is around. 40

Another very passionate lady who was a dancer was sleeping embracing the Vipanchika (a stringed instrument) and appeared as if she was sleeping in tight embrace of her husband. 41

Another lady with eyes like wine was asleep embracing the drum with her golden coloured soft voluptuous and pretty body. 42

One flawless pretty lady was holding the drum in her armpits between her arms and breast and was sleeping tired because of her passion. 43

Another lady was sleeping with the two pieces of the drum (thabla) in her tight embrace and appeared as if she was holding her husband and baby in her hands. 44

Another lotus leaf eyed lady was holding with her two stretched hands the giant drum and was sleeping because of exertions of zest. 45

Another lady who was asleep with the slightly tilted Ghata (earthen pot musical instrument) looked like a small hill of the multi coloured flower garlands, which were kept fresh by sprinkling of water. 46

A young girl, who was deep asleep, was hiding her gold pot like breasts with hands and sleeping. 47

A full moon faced lady with lotus petal like eyes forgot herself in her love zest and was sleeping embracing another lady with a pretty backside. 48

Many noble ladies in their great passion were sleeping embracing tightly to their breasts several musical instruments like they would embrace their lover. 49

That monkey then saw another very pretty lady sleeping on a beautiful bed in a place away from these ladies. 50

That great hero Hanuman who was the son of wind God saw the sleeping Mandodari{1}, who was wearing very prettily crafted ornaments made of pearls and other precious gems, who by her natural luster was an ornament for that great house, who was a dear, who was white in colour, who was chief queen of that harem, who was golden in colour, who was having a pretty appearance and who was well made up, Hanuman mistook her for Sita because she was the epitome of youth and beauty and became extremely pleased and happy. 51-54

Exhibiting his monkey qualities he clapped his hands, kissed his own tail, became happy, jumped here and there, sang, ran, climbed on the pillar and jumped from there. 55

Thus ends the tenth chapter of Sundara Kanda which
is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.


Search in the hall for drinking

( A full and detailed description of the hall of drink and Hanuman’s search for Sita there is recounted in this chapter)

Within a quarter of minute he rejected his momentary wish that it was Sita as not right and became clear headed and started thinking, in the right path. 1

After that Hanuman decided that “There was no chance of Sita who was separated from Sri Rama sleeping, nor eating, nor wearing of ornaments, nor even drinking water nor go near another male even if he were the king of Devas for even among devas there is none as great as Rama and so this lady has to be somebody else.” And he started searching further in the hall of drinking. 2-3

The monkey chief saw Ravana who was deep asleep due to being tired by his intense love making and his collection of ladies among whom some were tired because of love making, some because of singing, some because of dancing and some asleep because of consumption of alcoholic drinks. He saw some ladies leaning on drums of different types and on small seats as well as many sleeping on special beds made for sleep by ladies. He saw thousands of ladies some decorated by ornaments, some who had the habit of describing their bodily beauty, some who describe the meanings of songs, some who work according to the need of place and time and some who can speak properly to suit an occasion 4-7

Amongst those ladies, the Rakshasa king of great valor, looked like a bull among cows of high pedigree in a very wide stable. 8

Naturally being surrounded by those ladies, the king of Rakshasas shined like an awesome he-elephant among large number of she elephants of the forest. 9

In the house of the great chief of rakshasas, the monkey chief saw collection of well stocked drinking places(bars) 10

In that drinking place Hanuman saw meats of deer, pig and raven kept separately. 11

He also saw further half eaten peacocks and hen kept in large golden vessels. 12

Hanuman saw the meats of eagle, sheep, porcupine, deer and peacock cooked with curd and Masalas , fully cooked doves , half eaten ravens, buffalos and one thorn fishes, well cooked mutton, several type of side dishes, several type of drinks and several type of light eatables. 13-14

Similarly by different types of drinks which were sour, salty and other great tastes made by concentrating the juices of grapes, orange and pomegranate and those chains, armlets and bangles which have been removed and strewn all over and also decorated by flowers and fruits kept in goblets that place was very pretty. 15-16

That place of drink appeared to be glistening even without fire by the very many tastefully arranged sofas and chairs. 17

Garlands and also very many distilled alcoholic drinks, various alcoholic drinks made with sugar syrup, honey, fruit juices and flower concentrates, several other drinks which were sorted and kept and various types of meat which were properly mixed , cooked and made by great chefs, with great care in which various spices and condiments which were added in proper proportion filled that drinking place and added to its luster. 18-20

That monkey chief saw many specially made drinks filled in silver and golden pots arranged in different place all over. 21

He also saw large number goblets, which were made of gold, silver and many made with several gems. 22

That place was also filled with serving cups for these drinks, which were made of gold, crystal and gold alloy. 23

That Hanuman saw in some place half emptied goblets, in some places empty goblets and in some places goblets filled to the brim. 24

He wandered here and there seeing various eatables, drinks sorted in different categories, left over food, broken drink pots, spilled water, fruits and prettily made garlands. 25-26

There were white cushions used by ladies for sleeping and various beauties sleeping tightly embraced. 27

Not only that in some cases one lady in her sleep was covering herself with the pulled out dress of another and several were in very deep slumber. 28

It was wonderful, that the cloths on their body and the garlands that they were wearing did not move by their heavy breath, which was like the slowly wafting wind. 29

The breeze carrying with in it the incense of cool sandal, by the scents of various alcoholic drinks and the various flowers in garlands was wafting here and there, That Puspaka Vimana was also full of scents of various perfumes worn by different ladies, the sandalwood and other incense that were being burnt. 30-31

In that house of Rakshasa some of the ladies were brown, some were black and some others were of golden colour. 32

Their looks because of deep sleep and made loose by their passion, appeared like the lotus pond in which the flowers have closed up. 33

Like this the great soul Hanuman wandered all over Ravana’s harem and searched in all places but in spite of that did not find Janaki (Sita, Janaka’s daughter). 34

Hanuman became very thoughtful and worried because he thought that in staring at those women he has slipped from Dharma (the standards of right conduct.) 35

He thought that the sight of this crowd of wives of the enemy when they were deep asleep made him a commit a great sin. 36
(The sloka could also indicate half nude ladies who were asleep)

Then he thought that his stare at the wives of somebody else was not done in a worldly manner. 37

“This sight of other people’s wives has not done by me with passion.” , he further thought. 38

Then a new doubtless thought pointing towards the correct decision arose in the mind of very intelligent Hanuman who was capable of great thought 39

“I saw all the wives of Ravana who were sleeping without any fear and with great belief. In spite of that my mind did not waver even a little bit.” He thought. 40-41

“ Mind is the sole cause of all the sense organs doing good or bad and that mind did not waver even a bit in my case”, he thought. 42

“Always suppose a lady has to be searched it should be in the crowd ladies only and therefore It is impossible to me to search and find out Sita in any other place.” he further thought 43

“Search for an animal of a specific type has to be made within the type only and a lost woman cannot be searched among a group of deer.” He thought. 44

“And therefore this Harem of Ravana was searched well by me with a very clean mind and in spite of that I could not find Sita” he thought. 45

The great Hero Hanuman saw many lasses of Devas, Gandarwas and Nagas but was not able to find Janaki. 46

Having seen many great ladies but because he was not able to find Sita, he went outside from that hall at that time and started thinking. 47

The great soul Hanuman having come out of that hall of drinking, took great pain in starting the search for Sita again. 48

Thus ends the eleventh chapter of Sundara Kanda which
is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.


Hanuman’s worry
(Hanuman’s final search for Sita in the harem, his fear for having committed a sin because of his entry in to the Harem and his sense of dejection in not being able to find Sita are described)

That Son of God of wind visited separately the garden enclosures, picture galleries and bedrooms in the center of the palace , but he who was interested in seeing the beautiful Sita could not see her. 1

Because that great monkey was not able to see the darling of the son of Raghu, he thought thus “because Sita who is very upset is not visible to me, it is definite that she is no more alive.” 2

“It is possible that the daughter of Janaka who treads by the path of pristine duty, who is devoted to her husband, who has interest in protecting her virtue, might have been killed by the chief of Rakshasas who exhibits many bad qualities.” he thought 3

“After seeing the ladies of the chief of Rakshasas who are having ugly features, who are ugly, who do not have the luster in their body, and who are having a very cruel vision , Sita who is the daughter of Janaka might have died out of fear”. He thought 4

“Without seeing Sita, without doing my duty and having spent lot of time with other monkeys , I should not go back to Sugreeva because the powerful Sugreeva awards great punishments”, he thought. 5

“I have searched all over the harem, I have seen all ladies of Ravana but I only could not see the sterling natured Sita and so all my efforts are in vain”, thought he. 6

“When I go back and meet all the monkeys who have gathered together they would ask “Hey hero, what did you do there? Please tell us about it. What happened there?” and what will I who has not been able to see her reply to them?”. He thought. 7

“If the time is delayed too much for my return definitely they will all commit mass suicide by starvation”, he thought. 8

“When I return after crossing the sea. all those assembled monkeys and also Angada and the very old Jambhavan would individually find fault with me”. He thought. 9

“Being not disappointed in one’s intentions leads to greater wealth, very real pleasures and zest in doing things”, he thought. 10

“This emotion of not getting dispirited by failure leads to success in man’s actions and so I should put in more effort and do more searching”, he thought. 11

He decided that he would put in more intense search in all places where search was not done and started searching. 12

He searched in drinking halls, he searched in flowerbeds, again he searched in picture galleries and he searched well in sporting arenas. 13

He also searched in streets in between the gardens, various types of towers, underground cellars, memorial houses and outer halls of the palaces. 14

That great monkey Hanuman traveled to all places and searched by climbing, getting down, stopping once in a while, walking, opening the doors, breaking open closed doors, getting in, getting out, jumping down and jumping up. 15-16

The places that he has not visited in Ravana’s Harem were not even four fingers broad.

That Hanuman searched in the streets between outer walls of buildings, the platforms associated with memorials, wells, and lakes. 18

In those places Hanuman saw Rakshasis with various forms who were very ugly, whose actions were ugly but he was not able to see the daughter of Janaka. 19

Hanuman saw there many Vidhyadara maidens whose beauty was unparalleled in the world but was not able to see only the wife of Rama. 20

Hanuman saw there very beautiful Naga maidens who had faces like the full moon but he was not able to see the good-natured Sita. 21

Hanuman saw Naga maidens forcibly abducted by Ravana after victory in war but he was not able to see only the daughter of Janaka. 22

The son of Wind God who was both intelligent and heroic saw several ladies with good lineage but not Sita and became very sad. 23

His sorrow went on increasing when he thought that the effort put up by monkeys and his crossing of the ocean was fully wasted. 24

The son of wind God got down from the Pushpaka Vimana with immense sorrow and became very thoughtful. 25

Thus ends the twelfth chapter of Sundara Kanda which
is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

Sundara Kandam - 04

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