येसं त्वान्त गतं पापं । जननं पुण्य कर्मणं । ते द्वंद्व मोह निर्मुक्ता । भजंते मम दृढ व्रत ।। Persons who have acted piously in previous lives and in this life and whose sinful actions are completely eradicated are freed from the dualities of delusion, and they engage themselves in My service with determination. - Bhagavad Gita 7.28

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Temples In India

The Lost Temples of India Thanjavur Temple UNESCO World Heritage Site Documentary
Duration: 52.18 min
Views: 198114
Category: People

Vimana Temples of Ancient India
Duration: 8.10 min
Views: 169980
Category: Education

The Lost temple of INDIA - part 1/6
Duration: 9.83 min
Views: 132934
Category: People

7 Wonders of India- Sri Padmanabhswamy Temple
Duration: 4.43 min
Views: 215820
Category: Travel

Temples In India Part 1
Duration: 36.32 min
Views: 530
Category: Education

Incredible Khajuraho Erotic Temples of India
Duration: 8.33 min
Views: 104154
Category: Travel

The Wonderous Temples of India
Duration: 8.55 min
Views: 4339
Category: Travel

The Lost Temples of India
Duration: 52.40 min
Views: 1780
Category: Education

Videos : Devotional : Temples

Videos : Devotional

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