"Sanskrit has moulded the minds of our people to the extent to which they themselves are not conscious. Sanskrit literature is national in one sense, but its purpose has been universal. That was why it commanded the attention of people who were not followers of a particular culture." - Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan

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The Attainment Of The Infinite : Swami Krishnananda : English

The Attainment Of The Infinite

Attaining Spiritual Aloneness by Swami Krishnananda
Duration: 50.90 min
Views: 1402
Category: Howto

Our Relationship with the Cosmos by Swami Krishnananda
Duration: 39.67 min
Views: 337
Category: Howto

Reversing the Process of Creation by Swami Krishnananda
Duration: 50.78 min
Views: 334
Category: Howto

Expanding Our Consciousness by Swami Krishnananda
Duration: 47.20 min
Views: 247
Category: Howto

The Lower Samadhis
Duration: 42.23 min
Views: 342
Category: Howto

skatapuram krishnanada swamigal anugraha bashanam part-I
Duration: 22.13 min
Views: 23
Category: People

Documents : Essence : Yoga - Meditation - Spiritual Practice

Documents : Essence

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