"A spring cushion is squeezed down when one sits upon it, but it soon resumes its original shape when the pressure is removed. So it is with worldly men. They are full of religious sentiments, so long as they hear religious talks; but no sooner do they enter into the daily routine of the world, than they forget all those high and noble thoughts, and become as impure as before." - Sri Ramakrishna

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The Secret Of Veda : Sri Aurobindo : Sanskrit - English

The Secret Of Veda

Secret Knowledge of Ancient vedas in Hindusim
Duration: 9.97 min
Views: 41113
Category: Education

Ancient Knowledge of the Vedas and Bhagvatam
Duration: 48.38 min
Views: 192161
Category: Music

HIDDEN SECRET!!! -- Annunaki Vedic Knowledge and the origins of man!! PART 1
Duration: 7.85 min
Views: 54791
Category: Education

Vedic theories of the universe !!! ( ancient indian scriptures )
Duration: 10.98 min
Views: 125125
Category: Education

Vedic Discoveries - Secret 5000 Year Old Flying Machine Discovery in Afghanisan with Steve Quayle
Duration: 33.55 min
Views: 3556
Category: Tech

Greatness Of The Vedic Vedas Knowledge Perfect Science Part 1 of 6
Duration: 9.98 min
Views: 61447
Category: Education

HIDDEN SECRET!!! -- Annunaki Vedic Knowledge and the origins of man!! PART 2
Duration: 5.72 min
Views: 14330
Category: Education

Most Shocking Hidden Secrets of Vedas (on Science)
Duration: 21.20 min
Views: 3763
Category: Education

Documents : Scriptures : Vedas

Documents : Scriptures

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