यत्फलं नास्ति तपसा न योगे न समाधिना । तत् फलं लभ्यते सम्यक् कलौ केशव कीर्तनात् ।। That result which can't be obtained by Tapas, Yoga and Samadhi, can be obtained by praising the name of Lord in Kaliyug. - Bhagavatam

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The Study And Practice Of Yoga Vol 1 : Swami Krishnananda : English

The Study And Practice Of Yoga Vol 1

Introduction to the Practice of Yoga by Swami Krishnananda
Duration: 31.62 min
Views: 254
Category: Howto

Surya Jyothi Yoga -Sun Salutation
Duration: 4.10 min
Views: 110
Category: Education

Surya Jyothi Yoga in the Park 1
Duration: 12.73 min
Views: 243
Category: Education

The Nature of the Individual by Swami Krishnananda
Duration: 37.27 min
Views: 929
Category: Education

Swami Sivananda Quotes on Courage Courage Meditation Yoga Meditation
Duration: 2.85 min
Views: 602
Category: People

The Psychological and Psychoanalytical Vision of Life by Swami Krishnananda
Duration: 60.67 min
Views: 523
Category: Howto

The Stages of Samadhi by Swami Krishnananda
Duration: 35.72 min
Views: 560
Category: Howto

Swami Krishnananda on Gurudev Swami Sivananda part - 1/3
Duration: 3.20 min
Views: 247
Category: People

Documents : Essence : Yoga - Meditation - Spiritual Practice

Documents : Essence

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