"Seeing the water pass glittering through the net of bamboo frame-work, the small fry enter into it with great pleasure, and having once entered they cannot get out again--and are caught. Similarly, foolish men enter into the world allured by its false glitter, but as it is easier to enter the net than to get out of it, it is easier to enter the world than renounce it, after having once entered it." - Sri Ramakrishna

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Vishnu Chalisa

Shree Vishnu Chalisa
Duration: 14.18 min
Views: 35754
Category: Film

Shree Hari Vishnu Chalisa
Duration: 10.53 min
Views: 4049
Category: People

Vishnu Chalisa I Mokshya Dayak Prabhu Puja Bhagwan Vishnu Chalisa
Duration: 13.17 min
Views: 12559
Category: Entertainment

Sri Vishnu Chalisa
Duration: 7.80 min
Views: 281
Category: Education

Sri vishnu chalisa & sahastranaam
Duration: 29.90 min
Views: 136
Category: Education

Shri Vishnu Ji Ke 108 Naam By Anuradha Paudwal I Shri Vishnu Sahastra
Duration: 6.85 min
Views: 16313
Category: Entertainment

Sri Laxmi Chalisa ( classic version by Kavi Pradeep )
Duration: 20.90 min
Views: 123076
Category: Music

Vishnu Chalisa - iPhone Application
Duration: 1.73 min
Views: 45
Category: People

Videos : Devotional : Vishnu - Bhajans

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