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Ucla Historical Journal | escholarship.org

Ucla Historical Journal | escholarship.org

Ucla Historical Journal | escholarship.org

Haunted UCLA: A Study in Parapsychology

Archives and Society: Record Keeping in Historical and Contemporary Perspective

Robert Brenner: Capitalism a System in Crisis

What's The Difference Between History and The Past?

James C. (Buddy) Howell speaks on gangs at UCLA

“Denial" - The Holocaust on Trial: Deborah Lipstadt, Floyd Abrams, Bret Stephens and Thane Rosenbaum

Tupac's Original Book Of Rhymes (Video Of One Of Them)

Ancient Africa: How Europeans have it wrong - Prof. Kevin MacDonald, UCL African Studies

Larry Schaaf - The Damned Leaf: Musings on History, Hysteria & Historiography

Reproduction of an 18th Century Manuscript Binding

Literature and Politics in 17th Century London: Milton and Ralegh - Dr Anna Beer

Jeff Duncan Andrade: "Equality or Equity: Which One Will We Feed?" | Talks at Google

Farrar Award Lecture - 2012

1. Does History Matter?

Dr. Ted Hildebrandt, Old Testament History, Lecture 4, Transmission and Translation, Genesis 1

The Entity Hauntings, Poltergeists, & the Manson Murders w/ Barry Taff on Dark Matter

Heritage Auctions (HA.com) -- 2012 October Historical Manuscripts Signature Auction #6084

Mark Kramer on Cold War myths

A natural history of scientists

Diana Gabaldon: 2017 National Book Festival

What is Applied Linguistics? | Definition & History of Applied Linguistics

Gun Laws & the Strange History of the NRA with Adam Winkler

UC Davis Newswatch: California History Project No. 1

1987 Nebraska vs UCLA: Steve Taylor 48-yd TD pass to Rod Smith includes bonus radio audio

Parapsychology and Social Transformation with Stephan A. Schwartz